17 Famous Logos That Have A Hidden Message

When you see a logo, certainly it reminds you the product it represents. In fact, the producers of goods all over the world try to get into the memory of the consumers with attractive and meaningful logos.

1) VAIO is the logo of ‘Sony’ products. If you peruse, you will come to know that the first two letters represent analogue wave and the last two letters a digital code.

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2) Baskin Robins remind you of the taste of different Ice creams. In their logo ‘BR’, you can find ‘31’ written in pink color. It represents the 31 flavors Baskin Robin offers to the world.

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3) F1 brings to your mind the formula one. The red spokes after F indicates the speed. But, have you noticed the figure of ‘1’ in between the F and the speed sign?

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4) In the logo of the Northwest Airlines, you will see an ‘N’ in a circle with a triangle on left of N. But, you can see two letters ’W’ and N in negative space. The triangle in the circle points to the Northwest as if in a compass.

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5) Tostitos

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6) Elefont

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7) The first look at the logo of ‘Hope for African Children Initiative’ will provide the picture of the continent. But, you can also see the sketch of an adult and a child in it.

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8) Have you ever noticed that the Toblerone logo, the snowy mountain, contains the sketch of a bear. It is because the product is originated in Toblerone, Switzerland, known as the city of bears.

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9) The Hartford Whalers’ logo is simple and created cleverly. You can find there the whale’s tail in blue, H in white for Hartford and W in green for Whales.

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10) Goodwill

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11) In Spartan Golf Club’s logo, you will find a helmet in one way and a golfer at swing in another way.

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12)  Unilever produces a number item from soaps to ice creams and you can see their logo very interesting.

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13)  Note the arrow from a to z in the logo of amazon which means that you get everything from there.

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14) You can read Sun from any direction in the logo of Sun micro systems.

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15) Wendy’s

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16) The Bronx Zoo

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17) If you have an eye for looking at things in a different way, you can find the Danish flag in the “o” of Coca-Cola.

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In your daily life you see many such logos. Some are familiar and others not. If you closely examine the logos, you can see that the logos are not simply a drawing but, it has some meaning with reference to the company or the product.