14 Extraordinary examples of travel photography – These pictures are a little different! WOW

Photography is a wild passion pursued by many people. The power to capture the essence of ‘present’ and preserve it forever is priceless gift. From Action, adventure photography to commercial photography, each photographer is presented a challenge in taking every click. But taking a shot precisely is an art to be mastered.

1) Tamil Nadu, India via 

A temple door attracts numerous devotes but only a true devote can climb up the ‘gopura’ of a temple to offer his prayers in Tamil Nadu, India.


2) Shanghai, China via

Exceedingly populated city of China, Shanghai is covered by sky scrapping apartments to accommodate the ever increasing population in China.


3) Santiago, Chile via

A picture taken at Santiago Chile is so unique that it encompasses all the major addictions of humans and speaks out a silent message to the crowd.


4) Wadi Toshka, Egypt via


5) Lima, Peru via


6) More og Romsdal, Norway via

Northernmost part of Norway is more og Romsdal, here boats and ferries remain as major modes of transport and building appear to be floating on water.


7) Phi Phi Island, Thailand  via

The picture of Phi Phi Island in Thailand describes the enormous possibilities along the horizon from a fisherman’s boat.


8)  Hong Kong via


9) Nampula, Mozambique via

The capitol of the Mozambique province, Nampula is not only developing in certain regions but remains barren and untouched in the rest of it.


10) New Zealand via

The untouched Island of New Zealand is covered by beautiful landscapes and well laid roads. Only a bike ride would allow you to grab all the essence of the countryside.



11) Tamil Nadu, India via


12) Ha Giang, Vietnam via


13) Big Sky, Montana via

Big Sky Montana is a major skiing location as the mountains are covered with snow for more the half of the year.


14) Brooklyn Bridge, NYC via

With the perfect aperture and focal setting, the photographer has captured the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City with the least of the commuting vehicles.