13 Adorable animal pictures that stole our heart

1) Sophie and Sarah : These sheepdogs pose as glamorous as models. They are from the Sibculo village of Dutch.[ via ]


2) Sir Charles Barkley : This cute French bulldog has over 7500 followers in social media network. [ via ]


3) Ippo : A rare hybrid of a Zebra father and Donkey mother. Can we call it a Zonkey? [ via ]


4) Norm the Pug : The various poses by this Pug taken by its master Jeremy Veach surprises everybody.[ via ]


5) Trotter the Bulldog : This short Hipster loves to wear various outfits and its photo collections are amazing. [ via ]


6) Champ the Golden Retriever : Very neatly groomed Dog and loves to play with other pets like chicks. [ via ]


7) Ralph : He was found straying with hunger on the roads of North Georgia and is adopted by Mr. Roger now the proud owner of the pet.[ via ]


8) 3-week old Bulldog puppies : A bulldog breeder from France, Cindy Clark wanted to have a snap of her 10-month old nephew with these puppies as they looked together as sweet and lovely image. [ via ]


9) Rupee the Indian dog : This 8-month old homeless dog went on to become the first dog to have reached the Mt. Everest base camp by climbing 5,364 meters. [ via ]


10) Oscar : The Globetrotting Pooch: Strange things happened with this dog. It was saved and adopted by its Female owner Lefson, They both went on to create awareness to protect straying dogs. In a shocking incident, his owner accidentally run a truck over him and the dog succumbed to death. [ via ]


11) Flint- The cute little Pomeranian: This cute puppy has a website and very popular in calendars. [ via ]


12) Darcy the Hedgehog : This is the most popular Hedgehog on the Instagram social network, with more than 3, 52,000 followers till date.  [ via ]


13) Harlow and Indiana – The dashing duo : These two pets share funny moments with each other and are termed as the world’s most popular dogs on the social network. [ via ]


This just shows that pets take a special place in a home and deserves good affection and care. Let’s try not to allow the straying pets to die of hunger and sick. They too deserve a better life