12 Free to use Jquery Form Validation plugins

Most websites, whether running a business or not, do have web form. Validation has a critical role in the creation of all web forms as it validates the information entered by the users. This has become quite easy now with the availability of jQuery plugins available for validation. Here we analyze the best jQuery plugins in 2014 for web form validation.

1) jQuery form validation –  Progression [ More Information ]

Progression is a jQuery plugin that provides real time hints & progress updates to its users as they fill up the forms.



2) jQuery form validation-  Parsleyjs [ More Information ]

Parsleyjs is a library of JavaScript form validation.



3) jQuery form validation –  jQuery Credit Card Validation Plugin Smart Validate [ More Information ]

Smart Validate is a credit card validation plugin that ensures the user has entered valid credit card number before making actual transaction.



4) jQuery form validation –  Quick Validation[ More Information ]

Quick Validation JS has a data-validate attribute which will allow you to string together different rules and assign them in the input itself.



5) jQuery form validation –  jquery-form-validator [ More Information ]

jQuery form Validator is a versatile solution that will work with every form that ranges from email, phone, url and even Ajax processing.



6) jQuery form validation –  validator[ More Information ]

Validator is a multi-browser and future proof JS that is lightweight, semantic & easy to use.



7)jQuery form validation – validatr [ More Information ]

Validatr will use native validation in all possible scenarios and will use its own rule set to support native validation and it allows customization.



8) jQuery form validation – happyjs[ More Information ]

HappyJS is lightweight used for form validation



9) jQuery form validation-  jquery formvalidate[ More Information ]

jQuery Form Validate allows validation in HTML forms which takes validation rules from HTML 5 and data attributes applied to each input.



10) jQuery form validation –  validity [ More Information ]

In Validity JS, validation event is an event and the code is bound to a form.



11) jQuery form validation –  jquery live form validation [ More Information ]

jQuery Live Form Validation helps you to create form validations with ease that allows a high degree of flexibility and options.



12) jQuery form validation –  jval jquery form field validation plugin [ More Information ]

Jval jquery form field validation is a user friendly plugin gives an impressive animated message fly out without impeding form design or layout.