10 Beautiful Jquery Plugins for Typography – You cannot avoid them!

Without a proper typography usage there is never a justification done to the real beauty of a website. Typography can be anything related to the fonts, font styles, positioning, re-sizing of the texts. It gives more precised control over the positioning of each letter on your web typographical impact. Giving an apt typographical finish to your end user look was never easy earlier, but with the wide spread usage of web fonts both on-web and off-web typography started becoming easy in the recent years,

With the advent of various typographical tools available online, the usage of various fonts has now become a cakewalk. With JQuery plugins coming in, the usage of text animations, plugins for responsive text types and various fantastic text effects have become abundant and handy. JQuery containers have features like fitting exactly to any platform or container without an extra piece of code. They help in creating big, bold and responsive typographic elements. Using text animations with CSS3 enabled features will give a better typographical impact to the context. Using JQuery plugins help adaptable fonts that act responsive on different applications and different platforms.

Look at the below samples of few amazing jQuery plugins, we have collected for you. These jQuery plugins work miracles on your web typography with the most pleasing text animations and cool fonts. Start creating fluid responsive text elements with the superb jQuery plugins provided. Get your webpage high with the best added plugins today!

1) Squishy [ via ]



2) SlabText [ via ]



3) Textillate [ via ]



4) FlowType [ via ]



5) Hatchshow [ via ]



6) Bacon [ via ]



7) CircleType.js [ via ]



8) JQSlickWrap [ via ]



9) TypeButter [ via ]



10) Responsive Text [ via ]