10 Amazing Mobile Jquery Sliders

Here are the top 10 Open source jQuery Plugins for creating a slider for mobile and responsive websites that support some or all of these types of content – image, text, iframe, HTML5, video, audio, YouTube and Vimeo videos.

1) Glide.js [ Minified ] [ Source ]

Glide.js is a CSS3-based, fast, lightweight slider that is both responsive and touches friendly with a fallback provision for older browsers.Jquery1


2) RTP.Slider.js [ Demo ] [ Download ][ View on github]

is OCBNET.Layout.js based with a jQuery dependency and supports both responsive and touch modes. Supports various widgets including an untested 3D carousel and many plugins.



3) Swiper [ Touch Me ]

Swiper is exclusively for mobile applications. It has been developed for Apple devices (iOS) but can be used on Android and Windows Phone as well.



4) FERROSLIDER 2 [ Download ] [ Demo ] [ Documentation ]

FERROSLIDER 2 is for sliding galleries or single page sites that is CSS3 and HTML5 based with a jQuery dependency. It is responsive and customisable. Handles many content categories such as text, images, lists etc.



5) Excolo Slider  [ Downlaod .Zip File ] [ Downlaod .tar.gz File ]

Has autoplay and looped bi-directional slideshows for touch and responsive modes but support is limited to modern browsers. This is still under development.



6) iosSlider [ Download ]

Developed for Apple devices (iOS), this is a customizable, cross-browser content slider presented as a, carousel, scrolling website banner or gallery.



7) jQuery Slider plugin [ View Project  on GetHub] [ Download Jquery Slider ]

Exclusively supports mobile devices of Apple – such as iPhone/iPod/iPad – and linux based Android.



8) sGlide  [ Download ]

sGlide supports mobile mode, is multi-featured and customisable with CSS.



9)μslider [ Download ]

μslider is both responsive and touch friendly supporting multifarious content – text, iframes, html5 video and audio, YouTube and Vimeo.



10) SLIDEME [ Download Zip ]

Slideme is a responsive, css3 based, cross-browser compatible, customisable plugin with jQuery dependency.