65 Amazing facts – You never knew before

1. Google’s founders wanted to sell the company to Excite for less than $1 million in 1999, but, Excite were not interested.  2. Technology giant, Apple had a third founder, Ronald Wayne who sold his 10 per cent stake in the company for a meager $800 in 1976. 3. The popular advertisement of 1993 Aaron

57 Mind blowing Business facts you never knew before

Here are some bewildering business facts that are likely to enlighten and leave readers surprised. Read on… 1) Renowned ice cream maker, Ben & Jerry’s is owned by Anglo-Dutch conglomerate Unilever Brothers. 2) Retail chain giant, Wal-Mart makes a profit of $1.8 million each hour the company operates. So much so for reach and popularity.

Creative movie poster designs for inspiration

Movie posters, the world over, are in hot demand – little children, teenagers, adults – the excitement levels are always intense. The roads are colorful because of these masterpieces of imagination. Great decorative pieces for any room – a constant reminder of how great the movie was or will be! A large portion of a
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