Fresh & Free to use icon sets for designers | April 2014 list

Icons have assumed a larger role these days. With more and more websites and apps being released every day, the choice of icons will have to be careful and aesthetically sound also. To stand apart from the crowd and distinguish themselves, a lot of time and effort is spent on designing the right icon. We have made your job easy by bringing up a list of really usefully and aesthetically pleasing icons that can represent a wide array of items. Here go the icons to watch out in April 2014.

Flat icons have 12 icons free that represent mail, chat, lock, clock, settings and the rest.[via]


Free document icon set gives you icons for pdf, spreadsheet, image files, word files and presentations. A total of 18 icons are available for download from the website. [via]


Social icons free set contains icons for social media as you guessed. They are funky and have icons for most of the well known social media sites.[via]


30 Glossy Icons are trendy and eye catchy icons for mobile apps. [via]


If you haven’t found your right icon yet, then 1420 flat icons is for you. [via]


They have flat, colorful and solid icons for almost anything. Payment method icons are a refreshing set of Visa, Master, American Express and other important payment methods with crispy and readable design features.[via]


If you were looking for a minimalistic approach in icon design, then you could find the right item in Free 55 Icon set.[via]


40 Rounded Flat Social Media icons have all the social media icons placed inside a round in an aesthetic manner.[via]


Explore the16 iOS7 business icons fully scalable  [via]


Free Colorful Ficons sets.[via]