Amazing collection of free icon sets from 2014

Using icons as a means of expression has a great following from the early days of computers. From simple smiley icons to animated button icons used on your web apps or mobile apps there are a rich and huge collection of icons that app developers use to give a pleasant user experience.

Here are some varieties of Stylish and lovely collection of Icon sets that are used by many apps and available for free to developers.

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Flat Icons : Flat yet well designed icons that can used for Calendars, Movie Players, chat and other applications.



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Smilee Icons : Used regularly in chat rooms, these smiley’s have well drawn faces and lot of them to choose from.



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iOS7 inspired Icons: tab bar style icons which can be further customized in PSD, AI or ESP formats. Looks simple but effective.



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Long Shadow Icons: The icon looks like crystal pieces with amazing look and less distractive.


The icon looks like crystal pieces with amazing look and less distractive.

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Retina Flat Icons: The Retina-ready display is a range among Apple device users. Supports scalable vector formats like EPS, PNG, PSD etc.



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2D & 3D Icons: Superb looks with colorful emerald-style icons



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Small UI Icons: 16×16 sized huge collection and most commonly used in major apps.



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Free Icons PSD: High resolution background with great color textures.



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20 Social Media Icons: All major social web site icons which can be used to link to your website or app.



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Free Flat Icons: Well textured and easily arranged with effective color identification for event-based coding



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FlexIcons : Clear and sharp lining with customizable size.



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Puffer : Glossy Round and bold icons inf Vector format. Come with 50 unique icons.



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Dripicons: Well-made 90+ icons designed in flat style available in several formats including webfont.



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Modern Long Shadow Icons: A perfect fit for websites, web apps and wireframe creation. Each icon character has a shadow path that makes the icon look lavish in design.



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Colourful Icons: Colorful collection of Logos and Icons commonly used in Google apps now available for free.



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Pictogram icons: A small set of collection of character-set based icons representing many themes of non-regular types.



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Impicons: A set of 30flat-style icons representing various actions on the web like Chat, Camera, Alarm etc.



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Simplicons 2.0: A huge variety of 600+ icons. Magnificently crafted SVGs which include icons of all themes like Social networks, file handling, travel etc.



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Long Shadow Social Media Icons: Beautiful artistry one would love to use in their apps. A small collection of social Media icons that can make a great impression on any webpage.



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Ballicons: One more collection of 128×128 pixel flat icons whose properties are customizable and comes in variety of themes.


These collections of Icons give style, look and feel that can make even a dull app look gorgeous. Hats off to the creators and what inspires them.