50 Crisp and pixel perfect icon sets for web design

50 crisp and pixel perfect icon sets for web design are presented here. Icon sets are hugely used by designers for creating various designs and templates. Ranging from designing website content to advertisement banners and templates, icon sets for web design are greatly used. There are wide ranges of icon sets available in the web world. However, only the icon sets that have crisp and pixel perfect quality are preferred by users. Looking for some of the best crisp and pixel perfect icon sets for web design? Look no more as here is a display of handpicked icon sets that will serve great help in creating amazing web designs. It is useful to keep a list of crisp and pixel perfect icon sets for web design as there can be host of situations when you might require them. There are many websites that provide good icon sets for web designs. While few websites provide pixel perfect icon sets for web design free of cost, few others provide against certain amount. You can choose wide variety of icon sets for web designs available in the internet and choose your favorites to create a unique design. Here is a list of 50 Crisp and pixel perfect icon sets for web design that will help you to create amazing designs. Explore this gallery of 50 Crisp and pixel perfect icon sets for web design, choose your favorite ones, download your collection of pixel perfect icon sets and implement on your web design. Enjoy!

1) Mimi Glyphs [Download]




2) Crisp Web UI Icons [Download]




3) Secret Pixels [Download]




4) Dark Social Media Icons [Download]




5) 350 Pixel perfect icons [Download]




6) Assorted Pixel-Perfect 14px Icon Set [Download]




7) Multi-Format Social Media Glyph Set [Download]




8) Pyconic – 400 PNG Icons [Download]




9) Premium Pixels Icon Set [Download]




10) Glyph UI Icon Set [Download]




11) Minimicons 2nd Edition [Download]




12) Dark Social Icons [Download]




13) Blue Icon Set [Download]




14) Micro Icon Set [Download]




15) 160 Tiny Icons [Download]


16) iphone toolbar icons [Download]




17) Free Vector Web Icons (91 Icons) [Download]




18) Bijou Icon set [Download]




19) GLYPHICONS  [Download]




20) Crisp icon set [Download]




21) A family of thirty precision-crafted vector glyphs [Download]




22) Outlined weather icons [Download]




23) 100 Free Vector Filetype Icons [Download]




24) Map Location icons [Download]




25) Mini Vector App Icons [Download]




26) Mono Icons [Download]




27) Sleek Filetype Icons [Download]




28) Monochrome Symbols Icon Set  [Download]




29) Incredibly Detailed 3D Icons [Download]




30) iOS tab bar icons [Download]




31) Turqua: 3D Isometric Vector Icon Set [Download]




32) 25 Vector Icons [Download]




33) Pyconic Icons [Download]




34) Quadrates icons [Download]




35) Icons for Mobile Apps [Download]




36) Rounded social media icon pack [Download]




37) Vento Icon Set and Source [Download]




38) Boolean Iconset – 100 Mini Icons in PNG Format [Download]




39) Project Icons – v 2.1.8 [Download]




40) PixeloPhilia2 icon set [Download]




41) Coquette 50 Free Icons in 5 Sizes and PNG Format [Download]




42) Tango Icon Library [Download]




43) Iconic icon sets [Download]




44) Sanscons icon set [Download]




45) Bitcons icon set [Download]




46) Free Mega Pack Vector Icons Set [Download]




47) Pixicus Icon Set [Download]




48) Freecns [Download]




49) Shopping Icons [Download]




50) Toolkit Icons [Download]