29 High Quality Fine Wood Textures For Designers

Hunt for high quality wood texture is now over, wood textures look very cool in any design elements such as website, brochure, business card etc. There are many wood textures available on the web but only few are good to use, in this post 29 High quality Wood Textures I have listed the best textures which are used by designers and this list included all types of wood texture and color. I usually like dark textures for my design as it gives a good look and feel while light textures are used very rarely for few designs. On themeforest there are many good designers who are using wooden textures and using their ideas I have listed some of the best wood textures here and it is always good to have a list bookmarked while designing than going for a research on google every time. These wood textures are best and of very high quality. In the next post I will show you the awesome use of wood textures in designs of some of the best designers. Go ahead and find out the best wood texture for your design.


1) 8 Tileable Dark Wood Texture Patterns



2) Tileable Light Wood Textures


3) Dark wood texture


4)  Grunge dark wood texture


5) Cracked wood texture


6) Weathered Wood Texture


7) Plank wood textures


8) Dark wood texture


9)  wood texture


10) Rough Wood Texture


11)  Local wood texture


12)  Black wood texture for background


13)  Polished wood textures


14) Tree wood texture


15)  Floor wood textures


16) Collection of Wood textures


17) High Resolution Wooden textures


18) Wood Pattern Textures


19) Raw wood textures


20) Grunged wood textures


21) Extra black wood texture


22) Wood patterns


23) Old wood textures


24) Packing material wood textures


25)  Yellowish wood textures


26) Clean wood textures


27) Wood work texture pack


28)  Distressed wood textures


29) Photoshop wood textures



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