Online Mosaic Tool: A world of imaginative photo possibilities

A photo mosaic is a single image created by combining hundreds or even thousands of smaller images. The smaller images can be photos, icons, logos, or shapes; the creative possibilities are endless. So get your camera ready to start shooting!

True photo mosaic design without limits

I recently saw an ad featuring a mosaic of Bill Gates. The mosaic was made of various Microsoft logos and icons. At first, I thought it was a painting, but once I realized it was a photo mosaic, I began to wonder how it was made. I searched online and found a free mosaic maker from Picture Mosaics called the Online Mosaic Tool. With this tool, you can make free custom photo mosaics. You’re also given the option to order prints through Picture Mosaics, or a high resolution digital file that can be printed locally. A unique gift, especially if you’re using photographs of fond memories spent together.
If you are looking for a fast tool to make quick a photo mosaic without downloading any other software, I highly recommend the Online Mosaic Tool. Photo mosaics can make a great gift for any occasion: birthdays, graduations, or Mother’s day just to name a few. This one single tool has it all. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can share it through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, or use an embedded url on your own site or blog. You can also order prints from Picture Mosaics or a high resolution download, printable at a local printing professional.

How to make your own photo mosaics?

The Online Mosaic Tool is free to use and allows you to create personalized photo mosaics.

  1. Upload your photos from any device or social network (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Picasa, Flickr, or Dropbox)
  2. Choose your settings (e.g. mosaic size, cell size, orientation, etc.)
  3. Preview your mosaic and make adjustments if needed (colorization, etc.)
  4. Finalize your mosaic – this only takes a minute!
  5. Your photo mosaic is complete!

Explore the mosiac, share it with friends online, or order a print or the hi-res file.

For Artsy Mosaics

To get the best mosaic results, trying adjusting the brightness and contrast in the Online Mosaic Tool before creating your mosaic. Each photo mosaic project is saved in your account, so you can return anytime you like to make adjustments, share it with friends, or order reprints. The integration with your social network accounts allows you to create a mosaic within seconds. Picture Mosaics is a super easy way to create beautiful photo mosaics.

Summary of the Online Mosaic Tool

  • A free, user-friendly web tool
  • Use your personal photos from any device or social network
  • Free downloadable digital proof
  • Social network sharing
  • Print and download purchase options
  • Less than three minutes from start to finish!

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