10 Easy Mobile menu plugins and tutorials

Mobiles are a daily commodity these days. Here are 10 easy mobile menu plugins and tutorials for better navigation and easy usage of your mobile.

1)  Shifter [ Download ]

Deviced by Formstone, this allows basic slide-out mobile navigation by checking target elements in the DOM.



2) SlickNav  [ Download ]

With characteristic features like cross-browser compatibility, multi-level menu support, flexibility, and degradation without JavaScript, SlickNav is one of the most favorite plugins of the users.



3) Menutron [ Download ]

While resizing the browser Menutron aids in transforming menus from a list to a select menu.



4) Responsive and Touch-Friendly Menu [ Download ]

This plugin comes with a tutorial for creating responsive touch-friendly navigation. This extremely compact jQuery plugin is basically divided into the following 3 main parts: Simple drop-down navigation, media queries implemented responsiveness, and touch screen specific Adoption.


5) jQuery.mmenu [ Download ] [ Learn More ]

This plugin with a responsive CSS framework with SCSS creates sliding panels using sliding horizontal or expanding vertical submenus and works with ease on all major browsers.



6) Navobile [ Download ]

With a wide range of options for customization, this plugin is one of the most widely used and trusted menu plugins, which uses CSS for the application of CSS3 translations and aids Mobile device detection and fixes the position of nav.



7) FlexNav [ Download On Git Hub ]

This particular mobile navigation menu is known for its use of JavaScript and media queries in order to create a user friendly touch-compatible plugin which readily supports keyboard tab input accessibility.



8) Responsive Retina-Ready Menu [ View Demo ] [ Download Source ]

This is a touch-friendly menu plugin with 3 layouts which gets changed so as to be compatible with different browser window sizes.



9) slimMenu [ Download ]

This mobile responsive jQuery plugin is multi-level and light weight navigation.



10) Horizontal Slide Out Menu [ View Demo ] [ Download Source ]

As the name suggests, this menu navigation presents the entire menu in a simple touch of the “Menu” button, with the sub-menu fading in and out as they are opted.