Free to use Emotions and Avatar vectors | Over 1000 Customizations possible

For worse or better, learning to express with emotions is the new cool. Funny, isn’t it? Replacing a lot learned English Language over an archaic notion. With a kick off start in the 90’s, Emotions till today have been an excellent intent communicator. Mushrooming acceptance of graphics in the present era has given us High-tech animated symbols, popular as Avatars. The basic difference between the two is, an Avatar is graphically representing a user’s character, whereas, an Emotion that of pictorially representing a facial expression. None the less, both have left an indelible mark in dramatizing the text.


Embraced gracefully among social media, thousands of its customized versions can be availed for free online. In fact, you can make your own emoticon through the sundry of objects available at desk. The size, pixel range and quality can all be according to the whims of the designer. Its users are once again benefited with their compatibility with the latest messengers like yahoo, Gmail, MSN etc.

Every coin has two sides to it. With the humungous advantages are fastened a few negatives. To keep the spirit of professionalism going, perhaps the usage of Emoticons and Avatars should undoubtedly be avoided.

Falling in the genres of Western and Eastern categories, you can simply use the miscellaneous combinations on keyboard to generate the basic ones. From websites like, dreamstime etc thousands of Avatar vectors and Emotions can be downloaded for free. Hope you have a good time using them.


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