A Free Photo Editor with 500+ Designed Templates to Turn Your Photos into Various Arts

It is not long until Christmas arrives. Times change and we can hardly realize that unless we stop and think about it sometime. Christmas is a gentle reminder which tells us that the whole year has gone and there is a new year waiting for you. No matter what happened in the past year, it’s gone.

Preparing for Christmas is always a big project. There is a list of things waiting for you to handle. And thanks for the gene of using tools; we could deal things in a faster and easier way.

FotoJet is such a tool to help you editing photos. It features a variety of templates for most occasions, like Christmas Cards. And users can freely customize all the ready-made templates. Additionally, there are hundreds of clipart images and preset text samples, with which you can easily turn photos into creative collages, posters, photo cards and more.


How to Use FotoJet – Creative Collage

FotoJet has two patterns, creative collage and classic collage. In other words, they are template pattern and no template pattern. Let us try the former one to make a Christmas card.

Step 1: choose one template you like.


Step 2: add your photos and adjust it to the best.


Step 3: save it locally or share to your Facebook.


How to Use FotoJet – Classic Collage


FotoJet is not only a Christmas card maker, the templates are for the one who want to make something in a short time. If you are not in a hurry, then try the classic collage pattern.

Step 1: choose one layout according to your images. Change the ratio, border width, corner rounding if you want.

Step 2: add your photos, adjust them to the best. You could use the sample text and clip art images.

Step 3: save it.

It is your turn now. Go try and unleash your creativity.


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