10 Free & High quality wordpress themes from April 2014

With blogging becoming an important part of social media marketing for any company or for an individual who seeks to present his talent through his/her blogs, a well-designed WordPress theme adds more appeal in your content.

1) Resolution Lite [ via ]

Regardless of what kind of web designing project you are planning, you can use this multi-purpose WordPress theme for all. It includes open source technologies such as CSS3 & HTML5.



2) VRYN-HealthCare [ via ]

A theme designed for health care industry, it is a free responsive WordPress theme and can be used by doctors, hospitals, chemists for their blogs.



3) Count Down [ via ]

It is a simple yet impeccably formatted theme and comes with proper back-end functionality. Its framework allows easy set-up.



4)  Sparkling [ via ]

If you have a blog about arts, finance, business, travel or health, this is going to be the perfect WordPress theme.



5) Advertica Lite [ via ]

An elegant WordPress theme, its advantages can be used when you’re building a website for your client or for your own use. It belongs to the SketchThemes.



6) Hardpressed [ via ]

Use this WordPress style theme which highlights content using featured images. You have an option to change the theme color.



7) Bunny [ via ]

A funny animated WordPress theme suitable for animal and cartoon lovers.



8) Story [ via ]

The key features of this theme include: vibrant color customizer, post format support and responsive design.



9) MyWiki [ via ]

This WordPress theme is used by companies in order to manage their Wiki Content, FAQs and other content. Based on Twitter bootstrap, it is faster than others and mobile responsive.



10) Tonal [ via ]

This theme works in accordance to your content style. It changes as per your WordPress’s background color and includes large-featured images and videos with full width.