Fresh Free Fonts For Bold Typography

Fresh Free Fonts For Bold Typography:  Typography is an important element of design in all forms, typography has been since ages and the typefaces used by print 100yrs back is still followed in web design and other design fields. In this post fresh fonts for bold typography I have listed some of the best high quality fonts that are used in many print projects and this list can be as a repository of fonts for your next project of brochure, web design or any typography poster. In a recent interview of  Erik Spiekermann by Elliot Jay Stocks  where he speaks about typefaces and fonts that were measured by points ages back and the same is being followed by web designers and it really inspires us to pay more attention towards typography in design.

1)  Anton Font


2) Nevis




4) Steelfish Font


5) Arapey


6) Mate SC


7) Providence


8 ) Oswald


9) Big Noodle Font


10) Toonish


11) Damion



12)  Cheryl Hand


13) Calluna Regular


14) Harabara


15) Mosaic Leaf


16) Construthinvism


17) Cookie


18) Molesk


19) Brandon Grotesque


20) Dock11


21) SOAP


22) Collator


23) Corki


24) Sansus Webissimo


25) Rock and Roll


26) Code Pro


27) Dan Free Font


28) Piron



29) Manteka free Font


30) Tondu


31) Novecento wide






Fresh Free Fonts For Bold Typography



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