50 Fresh free fonts for download

FREE Font is typically a group of character set that is defined as a font type based on its size, shape and typeface. Usage of font in writing is referred as typography. Font is a very important part of web design. It plays an important role in the web world. You have made a brilliant design for a site but if you lack in selecting the right font, you might lose out half of your charm. The most important role font needs to play is being clean and readable. No matter what ever your website deals in, it is important for your users to read the content. Now to make the content catchy and readable, correct choice of fonts is necessary. Fonts are also widely used in logo design, brochure design, header, footer and so on. All these are important places which are typically used for better user experience. Thus, fonts are used widely across industries throughout the web word. Fonts can be classified based on size, shape and type face. Different types of fonts play different roles such as times new roman and verdana play a formal role.  On the other hand, handwriting fonts play an informal role. Here is a display of 50 fresh free fonts that will give you a chance to view through the best of fonts for typography. Explore this gallery of 50 fresh free fonts for inspiration and get started with your own catchy and clean typography.


1) Sacred Place [Download]




2) Maritime Tropical [Download]




3) Nue Font [Download]




4) Libby Fond [Download]




5) Stanberry Font [Downlaod]




6) Philosopher [Download]




7) Lace Font [Download]




8) Constance Font [Download]




9) Regencie Font [Download]




10) Emmanuelle [Download]




11) Fontastique [Download]




12) Hemi Head [Download]




13) Ocho Siete [Download]




14) Dimbo Font [Download]




15) Merit [Download]




16) Gram Font [Download]




17) New Press [Download]




18) Simplesnails Font [Download]




19) Endora Font [Download]




20) Marilou Font [Download]




21) Dominik Font [Download]




22) Rachel Font [Download]




23) Caviar Dreams [Download]




24) Gnuolane Font [Download]




25) Charlotte Font [Download]


26) American Captain Patrius [Download]




27) TheBlackBureau font [Download]




28) Roadbrush font [Download]




29) MyBestFriend [Download]




30) Nikodecs font [Download]




31) The Real World font [Download]




32) Ludger Duvernay font [Download]




33) KG This Is Not Goodbye font [Download]




34) WLM Black font [Download]




35) Archieve font [Download]




36) KG Be Still & Know font [Download]




37) I hate futur font [Download]




38) KG Change This Heart font [Download]




39) Marmellata (Jam) Font [Download]




40) DK High Tea font [Download]




41) Expressway Font [Download]




42) Echelon Font [Download]




43) Aero Matics [Download]




44) Neuropolitical  Font [Download]




45) Goodfish Font [Download]




46) Carbon Block + Phyber Font [Download]




47) LT Oksana Font [Download]




48) Berylium Font [Download]




49) Bullpen Font [Download]




50) Kenyan Coffee [Download]

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