50 Fresh and amazing fonts

 Looking out for fresh and amazing fonts? Look no more as 50 fresh and amazing fonts are displayed here. Fonts in simple terms are the set of characters classified based on shape, size and design. Fonts are the most important part of typography; it is also a must requirement for website designing. Choosing the right font type for website design, logo design, page content and so on is very important because these are few of the initial things that any user landing on a site will observe. While using fonts, it is very important to choose a font that is clear and visible for the readers. People can play around with fonts while creating designs and posters but needs to confine to formal fonts when using it for website content. Formal fonts are fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana and so on. These are majorly used for professional sites and blog. Informal fonts type or handwriting fonts can be further used for creative and catchy designs – be it logo design, website design or building banners. At the present time, there are many different types of fonts available. Various sites provide free download of fonts. Here is a gallery of 50 fresh and amazing fonts that will give you a new collection to enhance the typography of your website. Explore this presentation of 50 fresh and amazing fonts and choose the best ones for your website design and other designing work. Manage beautiful typography using some of the most fresh and amazing fontsfrom the list.

1) MAVEN PRO [Download]

2) POLY [Download]


3) SPECIAL-K FONT [Download]


4) GABO FONT [Download]




6) Geared Font [Download]


7) CUBANO FONT [Download]


8) CAPE ARCONA [Download]




10) NEVIS [Download]


11) LEAGUE GOTHIC [Download]


12) BENDER FONT [Download]


13) MISSION SCRIPT [Download]


14) BLANCH [Download]


15) HAYMAKER FONT [Download]


16)NEXA FONT [Download]


17) COAMEI FONT [Download]


18) BONDOLUO FONT  [Download]


19) THIN DESIGN [Download]


20) CONY FONT [Download]


21) CASPER FONT [Download]


22) BETON FONT  [Download]


23) SAHARA FONT [Download]


24) BOMBARDIER FONT [Download]


25) ORIGIN FONT [Download]


26) SELFA FONT [Download]


27) COMFORTAA FONT [Download]


28) QUAVER FONT [Download]


29) FREEDOM FONT [Download]


30) ROKE FONT[Download]


31) EQUAL SANS [Download]


32) STIFF STAFF FONT [Downlod]


33) VEVEY FONT [Download]


34) OIL CAN FONT [Download]

35) SREDA FONT [Download]


36) BELLA PRO FONT [Download]


37) ALLER FONT [Download]


38) LATO FONT [Download]


39) PACIFICO FONT [Download]


40) PHOSPHORUS FONT [Download]


41) VOLUPTATE FONT  [Download]


42) VALENCIA FONT [Download]


43) NOUGAT FONT [Download]




45) BRAWLER FONT [Download]


46) SAUNDER-BRK FONT [Download]


47) OKOLAKS FONT [Download]


48) DESYREL FONT [Download]


49) PRISTINA FONT [Download]


50) BRANNBOLL FONT [Download]

Fresh and amazing fonts

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