50 Excellent Fonts For Design

50 excellent fonts for design: Fonts are one of the most important parts of a design. Besides, color and textures, choosing the right font is very essential for a design. While designing a website, a logo, brochure or more, the main idea is to make the audience read the content of the site. Therefore, while choosing the font it is very important to choose a clear and visible font. However, you cannot go with a general font at times because you need to make your design catchy and impactful. Therefore, it is essential to select a font that is visible and clear. Fonts can be classified based on size, shape and type. Fonts are generally classified into formal fonts and informal fonts. Formal fonts are such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana and more are used for website body content and formal business designs. While informal fonts are such as Algerian, Berlin Sans and more are used for striking and catchy designs. There are also handwriting fonts that are used to give an authentic touch to a design. Thus, there are host of options for the designers to incorporate excellent fonts for designs. Designers can get unique fonts from different websites; while some provide fonts for free some others provide paid fonts. Here is a list of 50 excellent fonts for design that will give you an idea of fonts usage in designs. Explore this gallery of 50 excellent fonts for design and get started with incorporating perfect fonts for brilliant designs.

1) Top Modern [Download]


2) Gratis [Download]


3) Cristal [Download]


4) Filbert Brush [Download]


5) Sweet About [Download]


6) Democrazy [Download]


7) Clear Line [Download]


8) Publicite [Download]


9) Humana [Download]


10) Promotion Script [Download]


11) Bira [Download]


12) Classic Raw [Download]


13) Dean Martin [Download]


14) Echinos Park Script [Download]


15) KG Behind These Hazel Eyes [Download]


16) Calendar Note TFB [Download]


17) Needlework US [Download]


18) Brain Flower [Download]


19) Foro [Download]


20) USSR Army [Download]


21) Janda Closer To Free [Download]


22) Galah Panjang [Download]


23) None Shall Pass [Download]


24) Pop & Jazz [Download]


25) Duel [Download]


26) CM Chipped Paint [Download]


27) Soviet Style [Download]


28) Janda Celebration Script [Download]


29) Petrra fam [Download]


30) Handy Handy [Download]


31) CM Garaflora [Download]


32) Nickel Bumpy [Download]


33) Advent Psychosis [Download]


34) Orator Reformed [Download]


35) PiratesBay [Download]


36) Sabor [Download]


37) Sina Nova [Download]


38) Tikal Sans [Download]


39) Epoca Classic [Download]


40) Verb [Download]


41) Ashbury [Download]


42) Lolita [Download]


43) Zantroke [Download]


44) Sofia Pro [Download]


45) Sedgwick Co [Download]


46) GothicVille [Download]


47) Elite Hacker Corroded [Download]


48) Roundy [Download]


49) Skyliner [Download]


50) Wishbone [Download]


50 excellent fonts for design

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