40 Free Bold Fonts

Free Bold fonts are special typographic fonts used for headlines of a paragraph with intention to attract an individual’s attention to the content below. Fonts possess various characteristics based on weight, slope, width, optimal size, metrics and serifs. The word font is derived from the word foundry which is based on the story of letter getting printed by metal machines and the size and slope of metal printers used which decided the type of typeface. Free Bold Fonts are available over the internet widely with different texture and slope. We are more concerned about fonts with font weight as bold. Free Bold fonts are typically used to design typography of headlines and should have various characteristics like readability and aesthetic appeal etc. There are various type of free bold fonts available over the web and some of them are like Cambria, Calibri, Arial and Times New Roman. Some other free bold fonts used by business magazines, and newspapers all over world are Frutiger 95 Ultra Black, Proxima Nova Condensed Extrabold, Rockwell Extra Bold , Gnuolane, Museo, Mido, Fontin, Liberation Serif and Liberation Sans. Some of these free bold fonts come preinstalled in Microsoft word, Open Office or with other word editors, for others specific free bold fonts we have to download it from specific website and get it installed. The font to be used should have the theme, the vigor and feel of the content and can be found once we search for free bold fonts over a search engine like Google or yahoo.

1) Devil Breeze [Download]



2) DROID SANS  [Download]



3) Big Noodle Titling [Download]



4) EXO [Download]



5) Continuum [Download]



6) CHIVO [Download]



7)  Museo Slab [Download]



8) Stereofunk [Download]



9) Lobster font [Download]



10) ALLER [Download]



11) SANSATION [Download]



12) Capital Daren [Download]



13) Ostrich Sans [Download]



14) Alien League [Download]



15) Mob [Download]



16) OPEN SANS [Download]



17) Gabriola [Download]



18) Orbitron [Download]



19) Anchor Jack [Download]



20) Kabel [Download]



21) Dekar [Download]



22) Algeria font [Download]



23) LOBSTER TWO [Download]


24) Androgyne [Download]



25) Sansation [Download]



26) Ballpark Weiner [Download]



27) Deftone Stylus [Download]



28) museo 300 [Download]



29) Vintlys Hand [Download]



30) Geo Sans Light [Download]



31) Viper Nora [Download]



32) Fatsans Regular [Download]



33) BUSORAMA [Download]



34) TheNautiGal ROB [Download]



35) Lot [Download]



36) Boston Traffic [Download]



37) Buffet Script [Download]



38) Vladimir Script [Download]



39) Reina 12 Pro Font [Download]



40) Lavanderia [Download]

Free Bold fonts

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