30+ Font Combinations that will give your designs a heavenly Look

One is able to make a simple and boring looking project into something very smart and attractive and also impart a distinct portrayal to it that acts in giving a magical charisma, just with the use of different layouts of fonts. These Fonts are and can be used in duos form, and even sometimes in a combination of more than two. Creating the combinations of two Fonts for a single purpose is a tough job, but this adds an upper echelon to the project in which it is used. There are several free sites providing free combinations of duos fonts which may suit one’s work.

It’s a classic challenge for any graphic designer to choose from multiple typefaces to create a perfect harmonica combination of them. The easiest method of finding a ‘concord’ is by using different fonts within the same overarching typeface family, i.e., to find a so called ‘super-family’ and have a ready-made range of weights, styles and classifications that are specifically designed to work together. A good super-family normally comprises of serif and a sans-serif version of the same typeface. For instance, Lucida & Lucida Sans and Meta & Meta
Sans are some typefaces that are complementary to each other.

There are several combinations of fonts like, Georgia and Veranda; Helvetica and Garamond; Bodoni and Futura; and Minion and Myriad.

Copernicus and Proxima Nova are two typefaces that complement each other awesomely. It is a classic serif (Copernicus) and a sans serif combination (Proxima Nova). Copernicus in this combination of them makes certain that the titles are eye-catching, while Proxima Nova does a great job of displaying paragraph text in a readable manner, even at small font sizes.

Kaufmann and Neutri Demi might not be a combination that is generally visible. Neutra Demi is a perfect example of a modern sans-serif typeface that has style and elegance, while Kaufmann adds up finesse to the design with its hand-written nature. One probably mayn’t think of putting these two fonts together as they’re so different from one another, but in the right project, it is the perfect combo.

1) ArsMaquette Web + FF Tisa Web Pro


2) Didot Light + Source Sans Pro


3) Raleway + Lato


4) Proxima Nova + JafBernino Sans


5) Knockout 52 + Chronicle Text


6) Kepler Standard Display + Futura PT


7) DIN Next + Minion W01


8) OldStyle + Avenir


9) Sweet Sans Medium + Lato


10) JafBernino Sans + Freight Text Pro


11) Kelson Sans Light + Open Sans


12) Gotham SSM + Playfair Display


13) Brandon Grotesque + Chaparral Pro


14) Open Sans + Merriweather




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