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Outstanding collection of web and icon fonts of 2013

We have come a long way since the first typeface was designed by Johann Gutenberg, in 1439, for book printing. Since the advent of computers and host of smaller devices, the outstanding collection of typographical elements has only increased radically. Each font has a history and of course geography of its own. For example –

25 Creative Free fonts

Typography plays an important role to deliver a message, it is essential to use the right fonts in the correct places. Creative free fonts have the magic of enhancing your website, and the business. You can find several fonts online. Several designers create attractive fonts with wonderful designs.You can use these fonts to create a

Fresh Free Fonts

Designing a website is not an easy thing. There are several aspects that demands detailed overlook. In order to make the website more attractive and acceptable it is essential to target the audience by designing the website with right fonts. A professional designer would know to choose the right font for their website design. There

25 Latest Fonts

Typography is a very powerful tool. It helps in delivering information to the readers. The fonts play an important role in augmenting the web-design. You can enhance the appearance of the website by incorporating text with attractive fonts. A font is mainly a set of alphabets that have similar characteristics. They are generally designed to
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