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Mindblowing creative typography by Greg Coulton

Creative typography needs imagination, patience and talent. Greg Coulton not only creates the letters in an attractive design but, he provides an opportunity for the viewer to apply certain degree of attention on the drawing to find out the details and enjoy its beauty. Experience the creativity of the designer in a few drawings. It

50 Amazing freebies from May 2014

Designers all around the world make some awesome designs to share with other designers so that the whole community can take inspiration to think different and grow altogether. Every month, a collection of icons, fonts, themes, scripts etc. is made available to the learners and experienced designers. New typefaces like Moderne Sans, layout building tools

8 Must Have Free Fonts for your Designs

Even in the sea of fonts, most designers struggle to find the right font. Refreshing fonts are more than just pleasing for the eyes and it has a lot to contribute for the overall attraction of the website. We have these fresh new eight types of fonts for you which can meet most of the

50 Amazing Tattoo Fonts

Tattoo is an ancient form of body art where needles and indelible inks are used to decorate the body – they ink a uniform blue, black or green color. The old style tattoos were for life, in-erasable. Oldest known tattoos are 5200 years old and were found on the frozen iceman-mummy found on the Austro-Italian

45+ High quality fonts of 2014 – Looks premium but is available for free

Apart from his design, the one thing that a designer cares about is his fonts. In fact, designers including those engaged in web design have attached great significance to them. The proper selection of font can convert an ordinary design into a very attractive piece of art. In fact, typography itself has become just like