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50 Absolutely Best Free Fonts for Designers – May 2015

Fonts are an important element of any design. High quality fonts have a different class of their own. You can download these great fonts and typefaces for free and use them in print, branding material, flyer design and in other designs. Find out the best free fonts for designers. In the category of cursive fonts,

50 Must Have Freebies & Goodies for Web Designers for 2015

Web designers are always on the lookout for some amazing, impressive resources that can help them improve their designs and make them more worthy of praise and appreciation. While a web designer might have used various designs in his or her work, there are 50 remarkable free design templates that one can’t afford to miss.

35 Super Cool Free Fonts You Don’t Want to Miss

1. Astonished [Download] 2. Stiff Staff [Download] 3. Ribbon [Download] 4. Diamonds [Download] 5. American Donuts [Download] 6. Showtime [Download] 7. Spicy Rice [Download] 8. Blomster [Download] 9. GOTA [Download] 10. Champagne & Limousines [Download] 11. Amadeus [Download] 12. Weston [Download] 13. Cheri [Download] 14. Alexis [Download] 15. Fat Frank [Download] 16. Little Trouble Girl

140 Quirky and Serious Free Fonts of 2013

1) Kenzo [Download] 2) Benito Clean Italic [Download] 3) Yeseva One [Download]   4) Matchup Light [Download] 5) Otsu Slab Mediuma [Download] 6) PIXACAISM Free Font [Download] 7) Airbag [Download] 8) Iversal Font [Download] 9) EtharnigSc & EtharnigNo12 [Download] 10) Ponsi Rounded Slab [Download] 11) KG A Little Swag [Download] 12) What’s My Age Again