50+ Free Responsive HTML5 Templates For Commercial Use

Looking for a quick and an easy way to bring an enhancement in the speed web designing? Then collect pre-built free responsive HTML5 templates along with a little bit of creative mending can give one’s web design project a whole new level in no time. And the very best thing is that they are all

30+ High Quality Jquery | Css3 & HTML5 Tutorials

JQuery is a lightweight and much popular JavaScript library which interacts between JavaScript and HTML. There are thousands of websites which depend on jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 for animation creation on website. With the help of CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery, one can create the most powerful and the most attractive websites which are much flexible

50+ Free Jquery Sliders & Slideshow Plugins You Must have

Today the world runs on internet and the best way to get out there and endorse your investments or your interests is through a catchy and easy navigable website that allows the viewers to take a peek into all that you have to offer. Websites have become an essential part in the presentation of any

50 Fresh Resources for Web Developers and Designers

Web designers make use of HTML tags and CSS to build a website. HTML tags are responsible for the content of any webpage and the page layout depends on CSS. HTML tags and CSS combined together form the basis of any website. It determines how a website will look like in a browser. There are

106 Free Flat UI Kits to Boost Your Designs in No Time

1) Flat AP UI Kit [Download] 2) Featherweight UI – A free, vector based and retina ready UI kit [Download] 3) Flat UI Free – PSD&HTML User Interface Kit [Download] 4) FREE flat UI kit. [Download] 5) UI Kit [Download] 6)  Polaris UI Free – User Interface Pack [Download] 7) Square UI Free – User