How web hosting can impact your conversion rates

The conversion rate from your website is the most important factor for your website working for your business. Several factors go into conversion rate optimisation. From the website’s content and design to the marketing message and offers. One of the vital factors that tends to be overlooked is the web hosting performance and its impact on the website’s operating performance and conversion rates. Website owners and managers need to be aware of how their web hosting provider can impact their website’s conversion rates and web commerce. The team from Host Geek have provided the following checklist for businesses to be aware of.

Ensure that your web page loading times are quick!

Web users demand that they receive their information quickly. Web page loading times are a crucial factor between keeping a visitor on your website to take the next step towards your desired action and losing them forever. Amazon released a statement saying that they estimated revenue losses in excess of $1 billion due to one-second delays caused from their web page loading performance. While there are many onsite changes that can be made to make your web pages quicker, the foundation for your web page loading speed will be reliant on the performance from your web hosting provider and the web hosting solution that you choose for your website.

Additionally, it is important that your partner with a web host that can deal with website traffic spikes to prevent your website from crashing or becoming inaccessible. It is recommended that you check the performance reputation of your web hosting provider on web forums and reviews to find out if the service of their servers will impact the speed of your website.

Ensure that your web hosting provider can offer you high-level security options for your website.

The last thing you want is for your website to be hacked, become infected with a virus or malware or to go offline. Not only will it cause you to reinvest in repairing your website, but it will also reduce your web credibility and could also put your website visitors at risk. It is important that your site has optimal security that will protect web users information and data, as well as protect any users that visit your website. This added confidence should see web users engage in conversions on your website.

Partner with a web hosting provider that can offer you flexible CMS solutions.

You want to offer your customers the best possible user experience on your website, as well as have a web hosting solution that makes it easy for you to manage your website’s content. Check with your web hosting provider to see if they can provide you with off-the-shelf CMS management solutions such as Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or any other website management solutions that will make managing your website easier.

These solutions may offer you website templates that will ensure that you meet the conversion levels that other websites in your market are performing at. Ideally, you want to launch your website so it appears professional, it is easy to navigate, easy to manage and will encourage your web visitors to take the action that you desire on your site.

Furthermore, check to see if the CMS or hosting solution that you opt for comes with commercial solutions like an online checkout or CRM.

Can third-party solutions be easily implemented to help you boost your conversion rates?

Your hosting provider may limit your web development opportunity by having your site operate within one of their off-the-shelf templates. You may find that to enhance your website further, you may need to install additional code or configure new plugins. If this is the case, will your web host offer you the flexibility to make these changes in your website’s backend so you can enhance the conversion opportunities for the front-end of your site?

Improving the conversion rates on your site is an important process that is ongoing. Giving your website the best opportunity starts with investing in the right web hosting provider that will give you the platform for your website to maximise performance. If you would like to learn more, get in touch with a specialist from the Host Geek team today!


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