Simple Photoshop Tips to Enhance your Travel Blog

Whether you are a travel blogger or you want to create a travel blog for your website, striking visuals are essential. Photoshop can help you to turn good images into great images and with this in mind, here are our top Photoshop tips for beginners.

Crop Out Unnecessary Details

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Photoshop provides users with a handy cropping tool that can help you to ensure only the essential aspects of the image remain in the frame. This is especially effective if you want to put a focus on a person in an image or an animal. Removing portions of an image can transform it complete. Simply select the crop tool from the toolbar and draw a border around the part of the image you wish to keep. You can also use this tool to change the shape of your image from a square to a rectangle.


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Sometimes it’s not always possible to take a perfectly straight photo. In many cases this goes unnoticed but there are some circumstances where it will be glaringly obvious. For example, if you have a skyline or a defined horizon line such as the sea. In these cases, you can use the levelling tool to straighten it up. This is a simple task that should only take a moment of your time but it can make a huge difference to the image. This tutorial shows how simple this process can be.

Shadows and Highlights

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This tool is especially handy when editing and enhancing photos that capture a sunset. Sometimes it is difficult to capture the beauty of a sunset and there may be parts of the image that aren’t as bright as you would like. Photoshop can help you to bring out the shadows and highlights of a particular image and unearth hidden details. The shadow and highlights tool can be found in the adjustment section of Photoshop and once you have brought up the dialogue box, you can then begin to brighten up those shadows and darken the highlights. Open up the advanced dialog box as this will give you more control over the editing process. Adjust the sliders on the amount, tonal width and radius settings and watch as your image is transformed.


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There are hundreds of ways that you can edit the colours of your images but one of the easiest is by using the saturation tool in Photoshop. You can use this tool to take all of the colour out of an image completely or you can use it to increase the vibrancy. It is best to experiment with subtle colour changes at the start. If you are sure of how much to edit your images, look to other travel websites and blogs for inspiration (HomeAway and World of Wanderlust are great examples) and see how they draw in readers with their imagery.


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