Server Club – The best dedicated hosting and a VPN solution for your Websites

Servers are the crucial part of any high-performing blog/website/business. It’s how you choose your server hosting that determines the exponential growth of your business by coping-up with the enormous traffic. Basically server hosting plans are of 2 types – shared and dedicated server hosting. Shared servers are those where your website shares server space with many other domains; whereas a dedicated server serves a single client with enhanced features, ensuring seamless browsing for the end-user and offering high security to the data.
Server Club is a brand registered in Florida as Server Club Inc., after their appealing success in using servers for their own business; they ventured into sharing their servers with the public. So choosing an established brand is in itself a first success for your webhosting server requirements! Many issues are worth considering while choosing a webhosting plan, like

  • Up time
  • Bandwidth support
  • Security against vulnerability to attacks and data loss
  • Data storage capacity
  • Technical support
  • Track record of the webhosting company
  • Traffic plans available

                                                                 It would be no exaggeration to state that Server Club ranks high in all the above mentioned parameters. It also offers you the choice to choose among different available server hardware and configurations, there by fine tuning your hosting requirements. Their range of server configurations includes Dell and Supermicro, which are known to be the best server configurations available in the industry. Besides the servers are located in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Texas, USA which are completely eco-friendly conforming to the optimum international emission standards.

Server Club offers the following traffic plans, so that you get the best value for your money

  • Unlimited traffic plan – where you are not bound by the limitations of traffic on you hosting plan; best suitable for large and growing businesses; also suitable for high performing websites or blogs of individuals.
  • Limited volume traffic plan – here you pay for the amount of bandwidth used, depending on the traffic; offering you the flexibility to pay for your planned hosting requirements. And you pay for the GBytes (Giga Bytes) used.
  • 95th burstable – in this plan your bandwidth is measured for every 5 minutes during a month and the top 5% of the usage is deducted and you pay for the Mbps (Mega bits per second) used

                                                          Server Club also caters to both Windows and Linux dedicated server hosting requirements. Besides webhosting services, VPN (Virtual Private Network) services are also provided; which makes your data and business “air tight” against vulnerability attacks and data theft. Undoubtedly, Server Club is the best professional choice for dedicated web server requirements. Payment options while registering for the service are also diverse including, PayPal, Web Money Transfer, Bank Wire, American Express, Visa and Master Card. So scale-up your business by joining Server Club and enjoy the benefits.

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