Meet Calligraphy Artist Lucy Khanam

1) Tell us about yourself?

I am a 23 year old English graduate who is currently an Art teacher at a secondary school in South London. I also teach English and I’m a freelance Artist selling Islamic Calligraphy.

2) Where are you located?

I am located in Central/North London.


3) How did you get started?

Kind of cliché but I wasn’t happy with my University degree, I decided to take up English Literature and let my Art take a back step at this point in my life. After a couple of years into my degree I decided it wasn’t for me and that I wanted to drop it. To my surprise my mum was fine with it – as long as I could prove to her I had a better path etched out. I think this scared me more! That’s when I started LucyArts, I just started posting pictures on social media, anonymously at first, and then started sharing through my personal social media too. That’s when everything took off and hasn’t stopped since then! Alhamdulillah I now have an international clientele with a piece of my work even falling into the hands of Beyoncé!

Just to add, I’m glad to say I also stuck at it and Graduated in 2013 too!


4) What is your advice to aspiring artists?

I would say, accept the drawbacks, keep going and don’t let criticism get you down. My childhood dream was to become an artist and I remember  people would always tell me to think of a more ‘realistic’ job. If you want to do something ‘go forth and prosper!’

5) Do you sell your works? If yes then how do we buy?

I do sell my paintings and take pride in the fact that I customise to customer satisfaction. You can purchase through my website,

6) How do we get in touch with you?

You can contact me via my contact form on my website or my direct email address which can be found in my bio on Instagram.

Get Connected

Instagram – @lucyarts1

Facebook –

Website –

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