Meet Artist Sam Bailey and his Amazing works of Art

1) Tell us about yourself?

My name is Sam Bailey, an art hobbyist from Slough, United Kingdom. One thing people notice about me is that I like to keep myself busy. I am a Marine Engineer by day and an artist by night. Striving to improve with every step, my artwork has evolved from realism to surrealism and back again, because I love keeping things fresh and interesting! However! do not be fooled, it has not all been smooth sailing. I have learnt some valuable lessons on the way, have had to put a lot of hours in but would never regret choosing to create art as a hobby. I like to keep a fit body by attending a gym and a healthy mind by releasing my creativity onto paper.

2) How did you get started?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t creating art, nor can i remember a time when I wasn’t creative. I started taking a serious liking to art in late 2011 after doing a series of paintings as christmas presents for my family. Upon seeing their reactions to my work I was inspired to create more art, and couldn’t get enough of it! I am totally self taught and have practised in Oil paints, graphite, colouring pencils and more! I prefer to work with mixed media to this day but am very diverse, you could say I work off my artistic instincts… I do what makes me happy.


3) Do you sell your works? If yes then how do we buy?

I sell some prints and originals on my site:

Other works and commissions can be purchased through direct message on my instagram @sambaileyartwork
4) How do we get in touch with you? can be contacted through my Instagram- @sambaileyartwork Email- or through my site-

7)  What is your advice to aspiring artists?
I cannot express enough to aspiring artists how important it is to be independent with their art, to create their own style and learn from their own mistakes! NEVER give up, NEVER stop expressing yourself with art and ALWAYS create what inspires you!
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