Link building Ideas after Google Algorithm updates

Link building is one of the most popular SEO techniques that have been in prevalent among users from quite some time. However, there has been lot of disputable comments stating that link building has lost its effects. While earlier link building and host of link counts at your website was one of the biggest priorities to rank high in the search engine, it is not the same in today’s time. There are many sites that offer free links, paid links and so on and through these, websites can easily get links and rank high in the search time. This way, everyone would have reached in the top. But with time the search engine too is growing smarter. Google, the biggest search engine works along with its algorithm. Google changes its algorithm at regular intervals and this way tries to filter only the best results and show the same in the search engine. Thus, these algorithms are updated to improve the user experience in the search engine. With latest Google algorithm updates, Google try to rank nothing but only the quality sites. SEO experts try to track the updates in order to recover from their SEO mistakes of the past and get fitted with the latest updates. Let’s take a look at some of the best link building ideas after Google algorithm updates.


  • Obtain quality links: It has been told over and over again that quality and not quantity links work and this is a fact. Therefore, you need to always try to obtain quality links from good sites. Besides, make sure that the link you are building connects with your niche of the website.

  • Optimize your links: Optimizing links are as important as is optimizing content. When you first start out with your link building campaign, make sure that you optimize your link anchor text by using the long tail keywords related to your niche along with focusing on the buyer keywords.

  • Clean bad links: According to Google algorithm updates, as good links improve site reputation; bad links spoil it as well. Over optimization and bad links might affect your site’s ranking adversely. Therefore, make sure that you clean your website from bad links.

  • Build links internally: External link building is useful but internal link building is also equally useful. Try to manage a well link building structure within your website. This will help you get considerations for ranking in the search engine.

  • Adapt Google link search: By using Google’s advanced related search feature, you can get good and quality sites with which you can build your link building campaign. One example of using Google link search is: “allintitle: add+url” “your keywords”: submit+your+link “your keywords”

  • Simple and slow link building: Never try to overdo in link building. Make sure that you are keeping your link building campaign simple and slow. Create good content and maintain simple and quality link building.

These are some of the best link building ideas after the Google algorithm ideas. Explore and enjoy!

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