Hyper Realistic artworks by Lie Hong

Hi, I’m Lie Hong, known as @liehong79 on Instagram. I’m fom Indonesia and 36 this year. I’m a baker and cake decorator and also artist. I love to read, watch movies and making crafts whenever I have spare time :) 
Well.. I really started drawing when I was 6 :) Me and my sister always doodling around our house and then our dad put us on drawing class. And join lots of art competitions. Since then we draw until today.
When I made my Instagram account I never posted any of my arts. And one day a friend of mine suggest me to do so, and she showed me lots of art accounts. So, I posted my old drawing, and I just felt so happy when people left comment or just liked my drawings. It really pumps my spirit to create more and more arts. 
My favourite style in drawing is realistic drawing. Especially portraits and still life. I usually use references for my drawings. I can’t say that I’m a very creative person. Creativity comes from our heart, so just create your own technique and style :)
My suggestion is that always be patient with your works and practice a lots so you’ll find your own style. Never ever give up !
My inspiration comes from my late drawing teacher Mr. Mohammad Hasan Siregar. I still remember clearly in my mind what he did tell us “Line is beautiful “
And there’s lots of great artists who inspires me. 
I’d love to thank you all for the support I’ve received on Instagram, my family and friends. All the positive feedback helps me grow to be a better artist :)

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