Get web hosting service according to your business nature

Starting a business is hard enough with financial concerns, HR issues, sales and marketing and other pitfalls. So the last thing on your mind is focusing on a quality web hosting service. In today’s market, your business is stagnant unless you give it an online presence. I.e., launch a website with the help of the best designers and web hosting service provider in Australia. You may end up liaising with many hosting service providers to find the right solution for you as there are many factors to be taken into account. Some of these factors include the nature of your business, your budget and the suitability of your web hosting service provider; can they offer a package that can grow with your business? The most important point is starting and developing your personal Internet technology partnership with someone you can trust.

Anyone new to business can be easily confused finding the ideal web hosting service provider. Below are some different types of hosting services available. Take a look at the various types of hosting and see which one is best suited to your business.

·         Free Hosting: You may see this as an attractive option if you are just setting out on a path of discovery but the financial advantages of free hosting are quickly outweighed by the limitations and quality of service. Large down time, bad (or no) service and other issues you would expect from something that is free are commonplace.

·         Shared Hosting: This is a good way to start you on the right path if you are a small business with limited Internet exposure. In essence, you share a server with about 200 other clients which means the cost will stay down. On the other hand, shared hosting can be restrictive because shared servers often run software based on the lowest common denominator.    

·         Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS are servers that share some resources but unlike shared hosting, you will have full control of all software that runs on your VPS. A VPS hosting service provider can offer you a separate hard disk or simply a partition on a common hard disk. Again, you get what you pay for…

·         Dedicated hosting: For those businesses that have high traffic web sites, a dedicated server may offer the best solution. Owning (or leasing) your own dedicated server will mean that you have full control. You also are not reliant on any other users so all the server’s resources are fully focused on delivering a superior service to your business.

·         Cloud Hosting: This is suitable for businesses that have a big resource variable in their hosting needs. For example, if you have a website that sells tickets to an annual event, you would expect there to be a big spike in resource requirements in the month before the event. Other months may be very slow… In order to absorb these spikes, Cloud Hosting offers all your resources “on demand” and hence you will be charged based on how much resources you use.

According to expert advice, getting it right “the first time” is not that easy but will save you time and money in the long run. Your final choice must be based on a balance between what your business requires and what your hosting service provider can deliver. If you are not an IT expert, your hosting service provider has to be! It is not only the costs of the hosting service but other issues such as, expertise, restrictions, technical back up, associated features, customer satisfaction, scalability, service and a suitable user interface. EZi Hosting is the most reliable provider of web hosting services in Australia. They are very much preferred by start-up businesses because of their customised “includes everything” hosting service. 


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