Five ways in which the computer changed the world we live in

I might be giving away my age here, but I recall a time when the internet didn’t exist in the homes and pockets of every single person from birth. Not saying that is was any better or worse of a time than it is now, only that it was vastly different. I have to also say that this was before mobile phones, and back when people had to make their way through the world and to house parties all over without the aid of Google Maps! Now it seems that everywhere you click and turn, there’s another online computer store selling incredible products and making the world a digitally smaller place. I want to discuss some of the ways in which computers have changed our world

  1. Business changes

Computers have been hugely useful to businesses and how these businesses interact and sell in their respective areas. The technological advancements have been so fast and vast, that those who did not adapt to the new computer age soon found themselves struggling greatly against the might of the computer and, indeed, the internet. Businesses use computers for everything from communication, to work to self sufficiency, efficiency, selling, advertising, creating, regulating and managing. Without computers, today’s business world would be a vastly different place.

  1. Academic changes

Teaching and learning has shifted from the manual form into the computer form. It’s now the norm to have your lectures online within seconds of them being performed in the real world, and teachers are using things like presentations, videos, modelling and other kinds of computer tools to get the best possible position for getting subject matter across. This is from preparatory to right through to university and beyond. The possibilities for students who are handicapped, who live remotely or who cannot otherwise attend physical lectures are huge and growing by the day.

  1. Medical changes

There are new technologies developing every day which have been of huge advantage to patients and the medical industry as a whole. Life support, surgery and other major helpful tools are all computerised, and records and databases are now even easier to access than ever.

  1. Social changes

Once upon a time, you’d make plans with a friend and you’d arrange to meet them at a particular spot at a particular time. If you weren’t going to be there on time, you had to hurry, because there was no way of contacting your friend to let them know you’d be late. Also, if you felt like flaking out and it was past the time that your friend would have already left, then there was nothing for it, you had to go. We use social media to interact, to get jobs, to shame people, to scam people, to win, to lose, to share thoughts and ideas – and it’s all accessible all the time. It’s a very different way of interacting to the way of just twenty years ago – and who know what it will be like in another twenty!

  1. Human changes

We are quicker to tire of subjects and more flighty, there are higher levels of anxiety and depression due to social isolation, so what is there to do? It makes sense that with the new changes of technology and computers that we still find time to connect on a human level, and to embrace all the technological changes but with a human focus.

I hope that you have found this short piece about computers changing our lives interesting! It’s certainly going to be an interesting century for the world to move through as technology continues to grow and change.


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