Building a website was never this easy

Have you ever thought of building a website of your own – but was bewildered by the complexity of it? Most of us would love to have a website of our own to showcase our lives and interests; at times it could also be a commercial interest, when we want to start an online store and make money. Whatever the pursuit might be having a website of our own, gives us a lot of freedom in terms of expression or business. Unfortunately most of us are discouraged by the fact that building a website needs technical knowledge and know-how of scripting languages. And quite often than not for the same reason we shed our plans to start a website. Ever wondered if there’s a platform, where you can build a website with all the possible customization options available to you, to make your website look beautiful and unique – and all this without needing to be a coding geek?
There are good numbers of CMS (Content Management Systems) available today which help you to build websites, without having to know coding. The fact though – getting comfortable with the CMS available in the market takes time for an average end-user. For the same reason, one might lean towards other simpler blogging platforms available for free; which are easy to manage – and these other platforms have very little customization options to make a website unique. Here comes ‘uCoz’ to rescue, which is a ‘WYSIWYG’ (What You See Is What You Get), making life easy and building websites simply turn out to be a child’s play!
UCoz, launched in 2005 has been serving great since inception by powering 1 million websites till date – and growing! The built-in CMS of uCoz is so powerful that you can build forums, online shopping carts, polls, Ad Boards and so much more – just with a click – no scripts or plug-ins needed!. Besides uCoz supports nearly 12 languages unlike other platforms where English is the predominant language, this comes in very handy for users whose native language is not English. At present – Russian, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Ukranian, Arabic, Swedish, Romanian, Polish and Armenian are the languages that are supported besides English.
Let’s get a sneak-peak into the features and advantages of uCoz.

  • Has a collection of 250 free templates to enrich your website
  • Good number of free modules (analogous to plug-ins) besides thousands of widgets and gadgets – all which help to customize your website and turn it into an online store, a forum, an Ad Board, a blog, a fan site and more!
  • A very modern and easy-to-use CMS, websites are built with just ‘clicks’ – it’s that easy!
  • Free website hosting and domain while registration, also you can attach your existing domains with uCoz
  • Template builders – which allow customization of your web templates the way you want
  • Advanced users can choose to enhance the functionality of websites with PHP and MySQL


  • Offers you unlimited free disk space
  • Great support available to assist you at any point in the form of instructional videos, text book manuals and technical support
  • Multi-lingual support to your websites, so you need not worry of being a native English speaker; 12 languages supported as of now
  • Website maintenance turns so easy that you can forget worrying about the technical stuff and concentrate more on publishing quality content.
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