Best TV adverts for Christmas 2015

There were some great advertisements in 2015 across the UK; from John Lewis to Coca-Cola, ASDA to Argos. Following is an examination of the varying styles these popular Christmas adverts maintained, and some explanation as to their effectiveness.

John Lewis, Man on the Moon:”Show Someone They’re Loved This Christmas.”

A young girl staring at the moon looks through a telescope and is able to see a lonely old man living by himself on the moon. He sits on a bench looking at the world, and is sad. Meanwhile a trendy song plays in the background. So the little girl tries to write him a message, but can’t figure out how to get it to him. Then Christmas hits, and the old man is still alone by himself on the moon–until some helium balloons give him a Christmas present–a telescope, so he can see the Christmas communities and the little girl looking at him from the Earth. It ends with the tag “Show someone they’re loved this Christmas”. John Lewis has nailed the sentimentality of the season, and in a creative, emotionally charged ad.

ASDA: Christmas Advert, 2015

This ad is fairly effective, and of that classic “party” variety. A festive song with a funky beat underscores people from every possible age and race dancing, laughing, partying, and using the products they’ve purchased from ASDA to enhance their Christmas. The look is professional, because this is an exceptionally expensive production. This style catches the viewer and draws them in; simultaneously hitting chords of nostalgia and desire.

Coca Cola: A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

Somebody puts a free coke machine in the middle of town square, and to festive music, the machine starts dispensing coca-cola, as well as presents tied to balloons from the top. The boxes reveal a Christmas ornament. Coke’s got a great way of bringing the sentiment home, positively associating wholesomeness with their product in an exceptionally successful way.

Marks and Spencer’s: The Art of Christmas

Obviously well-funded, the commercial shows a number of models getting into shenanigans and high-jinks while simultaneously sporting the sexy styles of Marks and Spencer’s. Then it shows kids having fun, and men happy about the socks they were given. These sort of ads are very popular, and they have gone over well with most audiences.

Argos: Christmas Advert 2015

This one’s probably one of the most fun to watch of the bunch. A variety of modernised delivery people in a mode of skis, snow-mobiles, snowboards and sleds barrel down a mountainside delivering Christmas items ostensibly sold by the company. The ad is fun to watch and has some neat stunts in it. Of those surveyed so far, this one may have been the most effective. Excitement and spectacle always lend themselves to a positive regard.

Thornton’s: Chocolate

The right tones and shades are reached to bring about an evocative feeling of desire for the confection of the advert. As always, Thornton’s is very successful about facilitating such a chocolate-lust.

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