Amazing Carved Pencil Sculptures – Meet Artist Salavat Fidai

1) Tell us about yourself?

I am experimental artist. I live in Ufa, Russia. I was an office worker for 25 years. When I was laid off last year. Rather than find another office job, I devoted myself full-time to art and now I is able to help provide for my family by selling my miniature works, photographs and regular-size paintings on Etsy.

So I decided to dedicate myself to art and realize my potential. I think now is the moment when I have something to tell other people and know how to do it. Now making sculptures is my main occupation, my way of earning a living.

I create detailed miniature figures on a pencil lead. It takes 6-12 hours of work for an average statue. Complicated models take 2-3 days. Under the glow of a single work light while my family sleeps I use a craft knife and magnifying glass. In some cases even a microscope for the tiniest details. I spend more than 10 hours a day in my home studio, creating miniature sculptures or paintings I like to experiment in different areas of art: photography, painting, drawing, and sculptures. I love to create new ideas, trying new materials, and subjects.


3) How did you get started?

I’ve been making works of art for a long time, always based on experiments. In the 2000s I was fond of photography. Last year I started doing miniature figures. I started with a mini portrait of Van Gogh on a matchbox, then drew mini pictures of countries on pumpkin or sunflower seeds and grains of rice. Early this year I experimented with graphite, after which my first micro sculptures appeared. After being laid off from work, I started to paint. My parents are professional artists and art-school teachers – they taught me everything I know and handed me the baton, so to speak. I used to paint a lot during my school years. I made my first micro sculptures at school, carving them from chalk. I sell my works on Etsy. My fans and regular customers are there — some of them are collectors, mostly from the US, but also from Europe, East Asia and Australia. My compatriots don’t pay much attention to me… Our people love art but there is a big crisis in Russia and art is not a prime necessity for them.

How do I choose my images: It depends on different factors, nice music, a good movie, a dream… I am inspired by the masterpieces of world art, contemporary artists, comics and pop culture. Sometimes I create custom orders or use suggestions from Instagram and FB followers.

4) What is your advice to aspiring artists?

Young budding artists, I suggest: Do not be afraid to experiment, do not listen to the critics, look more the work of other artists, to find happiness in work and more a dreaming!

5) How do we get in touch with you?

Social media account:

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