7 Worst Mistakes Committed While Buying Webhosting For WordPress

A blog is the best and easiest way to project your online persona. Not only for expressing your views online, and sharing your experience and expertise; blogs can also be capitalized and can turn out to be a decent source of income. There are many blogging platforms available for free use, where in you get the name of your blog as a subdomain of the blog platform provider.,, and are a few popular and free blog platforms to quote. All these provide you the ease and simplicity to launch your own blog and go online. If you are possessive about your domain name and like to be unique, disliking your website or blog domain being a subdomain; you can well choose to go for self-hosting. Self-hosting is launching your website or blog after registering a unique domain name, and hosting it on a shared or a dedicated server.

 WordPress since its launch in 2003 has become the most favored, free and open source blogging platform or content management system (CMS). The popularity of WordPress comes from its ease of customization and simplicity. So huge is its popularity that, it is known to be used by 22% of all new websites as on 2011. So, once you choose WordPress like many others, to be your blogging or content management platform and are excited to launch your self-hosted website; it becomes important for you to choose a good web hosting service. There are umpteen web hosting service providers out there that you will literally be lost, to choose one, if you are not clear about your requirements and fail in gauging the abilities of your web hosting service provider. It is very important that you be very careful in choosing a good webhosting service, else all your passion and enthusiasm for launching a website or a blog goes futile! More so, when your intention of starting a self-hosted website is commercial, being meticulous in choosing the best web hosting service provider is more important. Let me brief you about the 7 worst mistakes commonly committed while buying webhosting for WordPress, so that you don’t commit them!

  • Go for quality – more often than not, you will find after your online research a vast number of webhosting providers claiming FREE and very cheap prices. As you know, quality doesn’t come cheap; and maintaining servers to provide webhosting is a gargantuan task which demands enormous resources. Remember! When a provider is claiming FREE or cut-rate prices, he has to cut corners to provide you the services claimed and naturally what will be cut is ‘Quality’. So do not compromise for price, when providing seamless browsing experience to your clients is your prime importance.
  • Uptime – this is a critical parameter that determines how fast the users of your website are able to download your pages from the server and enjoy good browsing experience. Uptime statistics of different webhosting providers are often available online with proper ‘Googling’. If you happen not to find them, do contact the webhosting provider you wish to register with; ideally the uptime of any decent webhosting service should be >99.9% all the time. If you forget to look at this critical parameter, you will have to regret!
  • CPU limits – you should know about the CPU limits of the server before registering, more importantly if you already have a high-traffic website or are confident about getting heavy traffic after launching your website or blog. Each webhosting service provider has their specific CPU limits; and after crossing it, the clients browsing your website will get a ‘500 internal server error’. So make sure about the CPU limit and how much they charge if you happen to cross the stipulated CPU limit.


  • Avoid limited hosting servers – few websites offer limited hosting with no multiple POP3 email accounts, URL redirection, Autoresponders, website statistics and order forms. Most of these become crucial if your website flourishes with huge traffic and if you are running an e-commerce portal.
  • WordPress compatibility – you should be very careful about knowing if the webhosting provider’s server supports WordPress full-fledged! Not having updated versions of MySQL and PHP will be fussy for the performance of your website. Also, the server without new versions of WordPress and updated plugins become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. So make sure of the server side specifications and security, before you register with a webhosting service.
  • Customer Care – this is one of the important features that should be listed on your webhosting service provider’s ‘service policy’. Technical glitches are common every now and then, more so when your webhosting service provider is unfortunately not a competitive corporation in the field. So make sure your webhosting service provider promises you a prompt and diligent technical support.
  • Money back guarantee – it is wise to enquire the webhosting service provider, if they have any ‘money back policy’. This will become handy when you are frustrated with the services of your webhosting service and wish to retract your membership.

                                                               So hope you will be mindful of these 7 mistakes and not repeat them, while you are planning to buy a webhosting service for your WordPress blog or website.

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