5 Tips to help you get started with link building

Link building is one of the major practices of Search Engine Optimization. Link building has moved along with SEO throughout these years. Host of people have used link building for ranking high in the search engine towards revenue earning. However, not everyone has gained value from link building; some trying to overdo it has also failed badly. It has been come to known over the years that link building if done smartly and within limits can bring good value for your website. Referring to the same, here are some excellent tips to help you get started with link building.

  1. Get started with something new: If you are starting something new, you have possible chances of getting valuable links. Businesses that adapt new technologies are the ones that earn valuable links in return. Thus, if you are the first one to use some new technology, you are definitely going to earn some link building in return. Some of the popular examples those has applied this tip and earned value are: Rick snippets from hReview, New Social media sites from Pinterest and so on.


  1. Follow Link Spam: Creating valuable, unique and user driven content can make you earn valuable links. This requires real hard work and dedication. Owing to this labor, many follow another easy link building technique that is link spam. Link spam is nothing but creating links from various places such as forums, blogs, directories, hubs, social bookmarks and so on. This is one of the most used link building techniques used by users.

  1. Use Popular Keywords: This is another effective tip for link building. You can use popular keywords in your website that might drive links from other websites. One of the practices that has been used by few and gained benefits is by using famous names. People put famous people or places names in their website or name a product with famous names and thus drive valuable links from other sites such as Wikipedia page, student writing papers and so on.


  1. Pick right set of directories: Though directories are not as valuable now days as it is to work earlier, yet it has not lost value entirely. You have to pick the right set of directories for link building. Only good and well rated directories’ links to your site will add value. The qualssity of your link depends on the quality of your directory.


  1. Process inbound links across pages: Link building does not always means getting it from others. You can process well structured inbound links across your site and get benefited with the linking. You can use anchor text keywords and create inbound links from various domains. Getting diverse set of links definitely helps in earning credibility for your website.

Thus, these are the most effective tips of link building. Explore these 5 tips of link building and get started with effective link building for your site. A fact to remember: “Always focus on link quality, not quantity”.


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