5 Tips to recover from your past SEO mistakes

SEO is one of the major practices that every online business needs to adopt. The sole aim of your website is to make it visible to audience and gain the maximum traffic generating value and profit for the business. Now, even though you might have hell amount of money to invest in SEM, you do need to practice SEO for ranking high and extracting the major part of online business. Since the term SEO started, people tried end number of techniques in order to rank high in the search engine, a few of them being link building, on page optimization, off page optimization and so on. The search engine is growing smarter every day and one needs to be well smart in order to overcome their past SEO mistakes. Here are 5 tips to recover from your past SEO mistakes.


  1. Are you sure you are not targeting the wrong keywords?

Targeting the wrong keywords is one of the major mistakes that even people with SEO experience commits. People choose keywords that define their website but the average audience of their site might not search for them at all. Choosing the right keywords and focusing on them is a perfect idea to generate traffic towards your website. You can use the Sandbox tool to derive the most relevant and searched keywords for your site.


  1. Have you added an optimized title tag?

Another important practice that you need to adopt while dealing with the SEO of your website is adding the right title tag. You might think, you have added right keywords, optimized content and are pursuing link building, still you lack in SEO. Give a look at your title tag. Is it there? If yes, have you added searchable keywords and created a meaningful title. If your answer is no, it’s time you recover from this SEO mistake and add a good <title> tag.


  1. Are you using images for headings?

If your answer is YES, stop it right away. Images might look good as headings but your effort will not be counted by the search engine. Instead you can add good h2, h3 tags with rich keywords and catchy line. This will be acknowledged by the engine as these are the important items of SEO.


  1. Have you noticed your URL?

Many people don’t give much attention to the URL but it is an important factor to be considered in SEO. When your URL has the domain name, relevant keyword and yet not too long, it is perfectly optimized for your website. Keywords in URL are more important for Yahoo and MSN and even Google gives it a high consideration.


  1. Are you following backlink spamming?

You might think creating too many back links will help your website in terms of SEO but wait a minute, you might be moving ahead in banning your website. Therefore, consider only quality backlinks and avoid thinking too much of quantity as the later doesn’t count in terms of the former.

These are 5 important tips to recover from your past SEO mistakes. Explore and enjoy!

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