4 Tips for Easier Pet Grooming at Home

One important way to take good care of your pets is through regular grooming. Not only is it important for their health, but it also provides a way to bond with owners. Taking your dog or cat to a spa for grooming can get expensive, but it might seem tough to try to do it at home. Here are some tips to make it easier on both you and your furry friend.

Simplify Bathing

Healthy dogs should be washed at least once every 2-4 months. Cats bathe themselves, so it isn’t a necessity unless your cat has gotten into something with a bad odor, is having trouble keeping his body clean, or has a medical condition that requires medicated shampoo, such as fleas or ringworm. When bathing a dog, be sure to use shampoo that is meant for animals. Put a non-slip surface in the tub or sink, and speak in a calm tone. Rinse the shampoo completely to avoid a dull residue and avoid the ears, eyes, and mouth.

Regular Brushing

When you first start brushing your pet, he or she may not seem to like it because it is a new process. Establish a routine and reward your pet with treats and praise after a brushing session. You should look for a brush that will benefit your pet’s coat. Shedding blades are helpful to remove mats or excess fur, but may be too harsh for everyday brushing. Brush often enough that your pet gets used to it. Brushing is beneficial because it removes excess hair, minimizes shedding, distributes natural oils for a healthier coat, and sloughs off dry/dead skin.

Nail and Paw Care


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Both cats and dogs need regular nail care for healthy paws and to prevent injury. Use gentle massage to get your pet’s claws to extend, then trim quickly but use caution not to cut into the quick (the pink part in the center of the nail). If done properly, it will not hurt your pet at all to have his nails trimmed. If your pet goes outside, keep his or her paws clean with a warm wet cloth, and check regularly for splinters or cuts. At, pet owners can find resources for nail and paw care and talk to licensed veterinary professionals.

Pets with Unique Needs


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If you have a bulldog or other breed that has loose, wrinkly skin, you will need to perform some grooming in between baths to keep his fur healthy. Use a baby wipe to clean between the wrinkles and make sure to let the area dry completely. You can also use a thin layer of Vaseline or other healing ointment to help with odors that come from the folds. After a bath, use cotton balls or swabs to dry out pockets around the head or tail that might not dry on their own.

You can save money and bond with your pet by doing grooming at home. It may take some time and practice, but before long you will be able to tackle any grooming need and keep your furry family member in good physical health.


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