20 Points that will make Freelancers win any work

20 Points that will make Freelancers win any work

Freelancing is one of the most in vogue profession in the present day world. Freelancers are those who work from their own comfort zone without coming into any longer bonds with a client or a company. Beholding advantages like flexibility of working hours and working space, freelancing is now days adapted by many people. However, freelancing is not as flowery as it sounds and it has its own hurdles and challenges that one needs to overcome in order usher as a successful freelancer. One of the major tasks for freelancers is getting or winning a work or a project. Unlike office staffs, freelancers will not be offered work in the table but they need to search and struggle for it to grab it. There are hundreds of freelancers available in the market you need to give the client or company enough reasons to give you the work. You need to prove yourself and win a work every time with freelancing. There is no hard and fast rule through which you can win any work in freelancing but there are definitely certain methods following which you can pave a better way for yourself and make more chances of winning a work or a project. This article will discuss about these ways through which one can win freelancing work.

Before going through the ways to win a work, let’s see through the methods you apply for gaining a job. You can search or get freelancing jobs from online job search boards like,, and so on or from a referral from friends or colleagues. Sometimes freelancing might occur to you just out of blue moon which is very rare. Therefore let’s find out ways through which you can win any work on job search boards and from clients directly. The following sections will be based on these ways. Here are 20 points that will make freelancers win any work. These points are classified into two sections: 10 ways for winning work through job sites and 10 ways for winning job from direct clients. However, this classification is just made for a better understanding and you should completely separate both the sections because all 20 points together hold importance in the task of winning freelancing work for you.

How to win a freelancing work from job search boards?

1. Create an impressive portfolio: To win a work on job sites, it is very important to present yourself in an impressive manner. Create an impressive portfolio of yourself including clearly about your qualification, skills and specialties. Do mention all the important projects you have worked on and remember to keep updating with recent updates always. Try to avoid exaggeration and present yourself in a simple yet attractive manner. This is one of the simplest ways you can win a work in freelancing.



2. Create a business name: While searching works on a job site, it is very important to make yourself visible for clients. One of the best ways you can do so is creating an impressive business name. Try to use a name which display about your field or skill so that clients can easily identify your skills through the name itself such as John web designer, logo designing services, Mary technical writer and so on. Such names speak about your skills or field instantly thus clients reach your profile more easily.


3. Improve your skills: Many job sites offer various online tests based on different fields, clearing which you can improve your skills and portfolio both before the clients. Sites like Odesk offer you various online tests such as designing tests, writing tests and so on to test your skills. Such added skills will make your profile more impressive and attractive for clients.


4. Choose projects wisely: To win any work on job sites, it is important foremost to choose projects wisely. You should go through the project details and requirements well and make an analysis how well your profile suit with that. If it does, bid for the job or if not just ignore the project. Bidding on unmatched project will never act as a wining project.


5. Response efficiently: It is not necessary to use a template for responding to mails always. You can add a personal touch and response efficiently for emails which will help your clients understand you and acknowledge your seriousness towards the job. You should also make sure that you are answering all the questions asked by your client.


6. Use relevant prices: You should wisely put your prices and it should be relevant as per your skills and the respective work. If you are a first time job seeker, you can ask your friends for reference or else you can also check in sites like to get a better idea over prices.


7. Don’t bid lowest vaguely: If you think lowest bidding is the best way to win a work, you are absolutely wrong. Do not bid lowest price just to win projects. Lowest bid might sometimes get you a project but you should understand the fact that once worked in that price you will always be priced within that amount. Therefore, bid wisely thinking form every perspective for a project.


8. Demonstrate your expertise: You might need to demonstrate your skills or expertise for certain projects; be prepared to demonstrate well and present your skills in an impressive way to earn a winning project.


9. Be professional: It is very important for you to show professionalism during every stages of interaction with the clients to win a project. And show the same professionalism while working on it as well and satisfy your clients to increase winning prospects of future projects.


10. Be honest: Being honest is important for every job. You know your capabilities and present or commit for something as per your capabilities. Be honest in every stage and do not exaggerate your skills or talents or make fake promises. Such fake promises will let you down in future.

These are the ways of winning a work on job sites. Below is listed the ways of winning a work from a direct client.


How to win work from clients directly?

11. Brand yourself: In order to win projects from clients, the best way is by branding yourself. You should create a brand of yourself and market it enough to make your client acknowledge about your existence. There are many ways you can create a brand for yourself. Here are few ways:

  • Managing websites
  • Writing blogs and articles
  • Active in networking sites and events and so on.


12. Ask for referrals: One of the simplest ways to win work is by asking for referrals. You can ask your friends, family, colleagues etc to make a referral for your within their contacts. Referrals always work significantly because clients who know the person well who are referring you will trust you soon and offer a work.


13. Keep your old clients: It is very important for staying in touch with old contacts. Long term clients or customers are always better to work and deal with. You cannot just win future projects from your old clients but quality work might also make them refer you for other clients.


14. Be active in social and professional networking sites: It is very important for you to be active in social and professional networking sites like, and so on to come in better contact with clients and thus earn a winning project.


15. Attend online and offline events: It is beneficial for you to attend both online and offline events based on your field. Such events will introduce you to a larger audience and let you meet newer clients with whom you can share your ideas and skills and thus gain a winning project from a client.


16. Participate in discussions: Make a habit of participating in discussions and forums and let your ideas flow on such occasions. Do not hesitate to share your ideas and opinions and always be a good listener. Such prospects will always help you in winning work for freelancing.


17. Offer high availability: It is very important for you to offer high availability in terms of responding to mails, phone calls and reminders towards your clients. This shows your efficiency and makes your clients feel secure about you and thus they become more inclined to offer you work.


18. Market your website: You should market your website well to let clients know about your capabilities and fields of knowledge better to trust you for a project or work offer.


19. Communicate well: It is very important for you to communicate well be it through emails, over the phone or face to face. Maintain professional etiquettes and at the same be frank and clear enough about your prospects and adjectives. Such an attitude always work positive in earning a work from clients.


20. Approach client directly: Though it sounds awkward but you can actually approach clients directly for a work briefing about your skills and convincing them why you are best out of the rest.

Thus, these are the 20 ways following which a freelancer can win any job. These ways will help you to mould yourself in such a way that keeps you stand out from the crowd and create a good impression in front of them and thus help you gain a winning project.


20 Points that will make Freelancers win any work