10 Proven Ways to get your first client

10 Proven Ways to get your first client

Freelancing is one of the most in vogue professions that is adopted by people for both short term and long term career. It is useful as a part time earning as well as a full time career. Freelancing has moved much beyond just working from home and has emerged as a new faculty of profession that has been employing people throughout the world and utilizing their knowledge for various businesses. Freelancers are those who work from their own comfortable space without coming into any longer bond with clients and companies. This flexibility of time, space and contract make people choose freelancing so widely and thus freelancing has become a popular career over the years. Though people jump into freelancing tempted by its striking benefits but many fail in this attempt due to lack of knowledge and seriousness. When you take freelancing, you need to be serious and realize the requirements of the job to give that back in order to achieve success. Freelancers need to be active within freelancing to gain benefits from the job. Every freelancer must work hard initially to gain prospects in making freelancing as a successful career. The most important task for freelancers is to earn projects or work every time they get over with one. This is because unlike office staffs freelancers are not offered with work in their desk; they need to struggle to earn a work mostly during initial stages of freelancing. Once you become a brand and gain popularity and recognition amidst your field, you will be earning more projects but to earn that recognition you need to go through the initial struggle. It seems very important yet difficult for freelancers to get the first client. As you are extremely new in the field, clients will hesitate to give you a responsibility, you might yourself be not experienced enough to handle a project and many other such problems might occur which will hamper your prospect of winning a client. This article will discuss the ways that will help you to gain your first client. You can adopt these ways and win a prospect of getting your first client and thus starting your freelancing career. These are simple ways that has been applied and many freelancers and proved as worthy ways to earn the first client for freelancing. Here are 10 proven ways to get your first client:

  1. Start with friends: This way might not seem very professional but it is definitely a great way to start with freelancing. To gain more clients from the outside world you need to prove yourself with some projects and experience and this can be achieved with work. Therefore, it is very beneficial to start with friends, family or relatives with freelancing. Suppose you are a writer and your friend maintain a website; try freelancing few articles for his website to start with your career. Similarly if you are a card designer, start with designing cards for your friends and family and enhance your skills. Friends and family knows you and will be trying to help you out with your freelancing career. Thus, they will be keen to be your first client. Starting with friends not just help you gain your first client and boosting your career but also helps you improve your contacts. Quality production will be promoted by friends and relatives to their friends and relatives and thus improve your contact list.
  2. Ask for referrals: You can ask for referrals from your known people. Promote your business, speak about your ideas and factors and ask for referrals from your friends, family, relatives and colleagues. To earn the first client is very difficult because clients will hesitate to offer work to a new person despite of their talents. But when referrals are asked as the client already knows about your friends or family they find you reliable for the work. Thus, asking for referrals is the best way to get your first client.
  3. Arranging referral program: Another way of getting your first client is by arranging referral program. You can create a referral program on your site and invite people to make a referral and get a discount or an offer. Referral program will thus help you gain referrals and also increase your prospects of winning first client. Thus, arranging referral program does help for earning a first client.
  4. Post profile in Job sites: Another important way to earn your first client is through Job sites. Post a proper portfolio in all popular job sites such as,, and so on. Bid wisely for projects and respond to client’s approach actively and cleverly. This is the most popular way of getting your first client. Therefore, create an impressive profile, post in all popular job search boards and approach and respond wisely towards the job.
  5. Partner with someone: To start with freelancing, it is beneficial to start with a partner. As you will be working from your own comfort zone during your comfortable hours, your learning prospects from clients and staffs grow lesser. Thus, working with a partner helps you gain work and experience at the same time. When you connect with a partner, you can learn better from others and there are various responsibilities which will be the milestones during your partner. It not just helps you gain an experience but also helps people to earn their first client.
  6. Social and Professional networking sites: Another simple way to get your first client is by staying active in social and professional networking sites such as,, and so on. Such sites helps you gain more contacts and give you a field where you can speak aloud your ideas and opinions based on work and work related topics. Therefore, join networking sites and be active with your clients in order to get your first client for freelancing. Make efforts to increase your brand and quality production through these sites and gain your first client for 10 proven ways to get your client.
  7. Attend public events: Make a habit of attending online and public events so that you can increase your contacts and thus increase your prospects of winning a client. Attend events related to your work field and feel free to share your opinions and put your ideas in front of the audience. You can also distribute your business cards to clients so that they can contact you for any relevant work or project. Try to build up a conversation among people and be a good listener towards their talks. By attending such events you also make the people realize about your existence and your skills and thus clients feel secure to offer you your first work or project.
  8. Participate in discussions and forums: Another way to get your first client is by participating in discussions and forums based on your work field. Share your opinions and view points during such discussions and forums and make the clients realize about your skills and knowledge. You can participate in such discussions and forums both online and offline and make yourself exist amidst the present day world. Thus, participating in discussions is a simple way to get your first client.
  9. Promote yourself: It is very important to promote yourself enough to get your first client. You need to promote yourself and present your skills and knowledge in front of the clients so that the latter might not feel hesitate to offer you a work. You can promote yourself by various ways such as writing articles, blogs, and games and so on. It is beneficial to create a website for one self and promote it in front of audience. This helps you showcase your skills and talents through your website. Besides, you can also write blogs and articles to make clients feel more comfortable within the city. Thus, promoting is another way to get your first client.
  10. Ask directly: Apart from all the above ways to get your first client you can also try asking directly. Make a research through your clients and understand their requirements. After getting that necessary information, you can ask directly to the client for a work. Make a simple yet direct approach to your clients and ask them about any job prospects to gain your first client. You can do so through mail or over the phone. Thus, asking directly to clients for a work or project though sounds awkward are useful and worthy.

These are the 10 ways following which you can achieve success in freelancing. By adopting these ways you can improve your prospects of winning a job and also increase your freelancing experience. All 10 ways are well experienced by other people and gained success through them. Applying these ways will definitely work positively for you. You not just achieve your first client but also give a start to your freelancing career. Understand these 10 ways to get your first client, adopt them within your working life and get started with your successful freelancing career.



10 Proven Ways to get your first client