10 Commandments of conversion driven web design

Any web design that is being done on your website should improve conversions on your website. Improving your website’s conversions makes your web marketing campaigns more efficient. Some of the leading digital marketing agencies in Melbourne follow these web design commandments to ensure that websites will maximise their conversion potential.

Invest in a website theme that drives conversions.

Typically, simple themes work best to drive web conversions. By simplifying your layout, you will give your web visitor the best opportunity to find what they are looking for.

Keep the important elements of your website above the fold.

You want to capture the interest of your web visitor in the first few seconds that they land on your web page. Keep the most important aspects of your business’s offering above the fold of the page. This way, it is simpler for users to find the information that they are looking for and it should improve conversion rates.

Social media engagement

The social media buttons should appear prominently on the site. Depending on the CMS (Content management system) that is being used, plugins such as Digg Digg or AddThis can be added to facilitate shares and likes across different social media platforms. Floating share buttons down the left hand side of the web page that shows the share figures are a good to incentivise people to share the content across their own social network.

Discussion engagement

If you want your website visitors to engage with your web content like a discussion platform, you need to present the discussion area clearly and encourage your web visitors to participate in a web discussion by leaving comments. Comment sections that are hidden can deter web visitorsf rom interacting.

Page Speed

People demand to receive information quickly. If your web page is taking longer than 4 seconds to load, it is likely that you will lose your web visitor forever. Your website needs to deliver content to the end user quickly to create an opportunity for them to engage with your web content and to convert. You can achieve this by selecting a high performance web hosting platform, a light theme, light plugins and minimising file sizes on web pages.

Copy that converts.

The content that is on your web pages should serve as your asset towards converting web visitors. Whether you want your web visitors to convert to a sale, forward an enquiry or to engage in a discussion on your web page, it all starts with the content. It is important that your web copy captures the attention and interest of the audience. It should motivate web users to take the desired action that you want.

Use strong headers

It is important to use headings to pitch your content to entice them to stay on the web page and take the desired action.

Use the right colour scheme

Colour palettes are often overlooked, but will add or deter visitors from engaging with your website. For example, websites that use white text on a black background tend to have a lower conversion rate than those sites that use black text on a light background (such as white). Additionally, the right colour scheme can trigger emotional responses from your web visitors that will see your website as being more professional, amateurish, credible or disturbing. Ensure that you choose your colour scheme wisely.

Show your contact information easily.

Enhance your business’s credibility by making it easy for your website’s visitors to contact you. By displaying your contact phone number and physical address, this shows prospects that you have faith in what you are offering.

Call to action buttons appear prominently and clearly.

If you want your web visitors to take action, you must present the action steps clearly through the use of action buttons, callouts, text, colours, fonts and designs. Whether your call to action is a telephone number, a web form or a button, you must ensure that it stands out clearly and tells the web user to take action!

Conversions are what drive your website’s success. Seek to turn your website into a conversion machine by developing a strong foundation technically, content-wise and design-wise.


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