50 Quick and Easy Pastry Recipes you can make at home

Desserts have always been a mouthwatering treat to anyone with a sweet tooth. Pastries are not only yummy but can also be easily baked at home. Pastries is a general name given to small tarts of baked products, made from ingredients such as flour, milk, sugar , butter, eggs and baking powder. Pastry is a

Amazing Educational Website designs for Inspiration

It is true that you get any information on anything with a click on your mouse but, the reality is that you find it difficult to get the correct information you need. Most of the web sites you search are filled with too many details and it may be a tough task to filter the

Hypersense – Celebration of Nike’s 20 years of Innovations in Football

Nike commissioned a series of art works to celebrate the art and science of modern football. Kerby Rosanes was one of the commissioned artists who drew for Nike’s art mission. Appropriately named ‘Hypersense’, the interactive art show that just got concluded in Singapore showcased Nike’s 20 years of innovation in football. Kerby has completed this