50 High Quality Retina wallpapers for iPhone 4S

50 High quality Retina wallpapers for iPhone 4S: Retina wallpapers are signature content in an iPhone with 4s technology. They are specially designed retina wallpapers for iPhone which makes the wall paper looks so crisp, clear and deep. Retina wallpapers – the term was marketed by Apple and is based on how much a human retina can perceive which is generally stated that the maximum limit is attained at a distance of 12 inches from one’s eye with a display of approximately 300 ppi, or 57 arc seconds per pixel. Thus it is expected from an IPhone’s perspective that a user actually uses the device 12 inches away from one’s eye and thus a higher resolution would have no effect on image’s perception as that is the maximum potential that human eye can meet. Thus with all these scientific research done and well presented by Apple, what we get is the best quality display and retina wallpapers suffice the purpose. IPhone supports up to 960*640 pixels at 362 ppi, that around 4 times the resolution of iPhone 3G. Thus we need to have such kind of high resolution in order to fulfill the demand. We can find high retina wallpapers from Apps store of iPhone 4s wallpapers or from open source system such as free retina wallpapers. But we should be sure of checking the content and valid website while downloading retina wallpapers as some might contain hidden code or Trojans which might affect the device. We would get various iPhone 4s wallpapers ranging from flowers, scenery, animals or animations. All iphone 4S wallpapers are easily available as retina wallpapers.



















































50 High quality Retina wallpapers for iPhone 4S

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