Great Mobile Design Tips for Beginners

As of last year, there are over 150 million Americans own a smartphone. It would be safe to say, too, that there are more who do elsewhere in the world. Despite having personal computers and laptops, most of them get their information through these phones.

So, if you have a website for business or for merely for conveying messages (like personal blogs), it is important that it is responsive on mobile phones. The question is how exactly can you do that? Here are some great tips that could help:

The simpler the design, the better it is

While a great, complicated design is a wonder to behold, it takes a long time to load, especially on mobile phones. And you don’t want your audience to get bored waiting for it to load and just decide to leave the site. You want them to see what you’re all about in just a few seconds. Besides, you can always make a simple yet compelling design.

Everlane mobile site

Use icons

In web programming and design, icons are worth a thousand words. Instead of explaining where they should go and/or what they need to do, use these icons.

Concise content

Your client didn’t visit your site to read a novel so don’t give him that. You have to be able to tell your story in just a few words and maybe some photos and illustrations. And the fact is, the screen of mobile phones are small so you have to make sure that whatever you want to say fit on that screen – and hopefully, they wouldn’t have to scroll down to see the rest.

Where is your contact detail?

That is one of the questions you don’t want your potential client to be asking. If you want your business to succeed through the net, make sure that your contact details are noticeable or at least, can be found immediately.


Grey Goose mobile website

Videos: Good idea or not?

Videos are always a great way to convey messages because it is more interesting to watch. But it is harder to do so especially on mobile phones because it takes longer to load. The question now is, should you, still? The answer is yes! You just need to make use of a program that will make this easier to accomplish.

Optimize everything for mobile phone

Videos aren’t just the reason for making a site on mobile phones take so long to load. Photos, infographics and other illustrations do, too. Then again, getting rid of those is a bad idea. So you need to optimize all those elements so that it wouldn’t be such a hassle to see those.

Check your thumb – every now and then

When designing a site meant for a mobile phone, make sure that it can be navigated with the thumb or the index finger. See that the icons are just the right size and the spaces between those are enough for the average person’s fingers for convenience.

Great-Mobile-Design-Tips-for-Beginners2 mobile site

Responsive technology framework

Finally, you need to find a good backbone for the whole design. Bootstrap is one of those programs that you could use for laying out your design.

Whether you are a seasoned mobile designer or a newbie in the industry check this site for good examples of mobile site design.