21 Amazing iphone apps every designer must have

These 21 spectacular iPhone apps are a new lucrative excuse to get yourself an iPhone to inspire the budding designer in you.

1) Live View [ More Information ]

Specifically designed to create mobile apps’ graphics and aided with remote screen viewing feature,it is used for creating simulations, demos, etc.



2)  Adobe Ideas [ More Information ]

This revolutionary application allows you to draw free form figures on a virtual canvas with pressure sensitive brushes with easy sync options to Creative Cloud.



3) Ruler [ More Information ]

As the name suggests, it is used to measure absolutely any object accurately with its adjustable scale.



4) Doodle Buddy Paint Draw Scribble [ More Information ]

Kid-friendly drawing and doodling application with simple user-interactive options.



5) Layers [ More Information ]

Aptly suitable for experienced and beginner iPhone and iPod designer, this drawing application has all the features you could ask for and more.



6) Adobe Photoshop Express [ More Information ]

One of the most widely used photo-editing application; allows editing pictures to perfection as you please with appropriate tools and filters.



7) The Typography Manual [ More Information ]

Aided with a visual type anatomy glossary, a font size ruler, and an em calculator, this is a must have application for a graphic designer.



8) Photochop [ More Information ]

Helps to give a desirable pattern to a picture by breaking and rotating it.



9) Strata [ More Information ]

Helps to form strategically planned ribbon patterns.



10) Caliper [ More Information ]

Another impeccable measuring application for accurate measurements.



11) What the Font [ More Information ]

Identifies and helps you to choose your desirable font from a wide range.



12) Adobe Kuler [ More Information ]

An interesting application used for capturing vibrant color combination patterns.



13) Zeptopad [ More Information ]

With multiple touch screen features this application allows you to freely draw by moving your across the screen.



14) Repix Edit Remix Photos [ More Information ]

Edits photos and adds magical effects to them.



15) Behance [ More Information ]

It is an online platform showcasing works of new artists.



16) Design Duet [ More Information ]

Connects to Photoshop for desirable editing and the updates the changes as well.



17)  Webr Create Beautiful Websites [ More Information ]

Helps to create, launch, and edit new websites from a wide range of devices.



18) Fontli [ More Information ]

Helps in the addition of text with dynamic fonts and style to the pictures.



19) Palettespro [ More Information ]

Helps in creating various color palettes from colors of a photo.



20)  Color Schemer [ More Information ]

Help in creating numerous color palettes at one go.



21) Adobe Photoshop Touch [ More Information ]

Edits your pictures, combine multiple pictures and share your masterpiece with your friends with this app.