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50 Absolute Must have Apps for Productivity

Don’t waste your time with boring internet tasks; just computerize on your phone this application for productivity. For essential business tasks to advanced automation these 50 apps will take your device more helpful than ever. Productivity apps are some of the mainly used and important tools that you will purchases. Some application are really designed

Great Mobile Design Tips for Beginners

As of last year, there are over 150 million Americans own a smartphone. It would be safe to say, too, that there are more who do elsewhere in the world. Despite having personal computers and laptops, most of them get their information through these phones. So, if you have a website for business or for

15 Texts Your Toddler Would Send If They Had A Phone

1. Sassy toddler 2. Not-so-nice list 3.  TMI 4.  Elf on the shelf: 1, Toddler: 0 5. 5 AM wakeup call 6.  Honesty is never the best policy 7. A classic toddler tale 8. Mom’s in trouble 9. Diaper. Is. Off. 10.  A toddler version of “haters gonna hate” 11. Getting mom in trouble part

17 Apps That Might Just Change Your Life

1. FastCustomer 2. Unfilth Your Habitat 3. Evernote 4. Run Pee 5. Word Lens 6. 7 Minute Workout 7. Toilet Finder 8. 1Password 9. MyFitnessPal 10. Billr 11. Mint 12. Everest 13. Citymapper 14. Amount 15. Alarmy 16. Out Of Milk 17. BrightNest