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21 Amazing iphone apps every designer must have

These 21 spectacular iPhone apps are a new lucrative excuse to get yourself an iPhone to inspire the budding designer in you. 1) Live View [ More Information ] Specifically designed to create mobile apps’ graphics and aided with remote screen viewing feature,it is used for creating simulations, demos, etc.   2)  Adobe Ideas [

25 Best Free iPhone Apps 2013

There are different ranges of iPhone apps available for different purposes. Examples of iPhone apps are banking apps, medical apps, games apps, music apps and so on. iPhone apps for banking gives the liberty to pursue banking transactions using a iPhone.

Tutorials To Get You Started With IOS Game Developments

Mobile phone applications are trending these days. Gone are the days, when people used to use mobile phones only for calling or messaging people. With the emergence of smart phones, the life style of people has greatly changed. Today, there are diverse ranges of mobile phone applications that can be use for different purposes. For

25 Must have Apps for Photographers

Photography is one of the most popular art forms in today’s world. Since camera was invented, photography has its existence. However, over the years, the art form has witnessed various changes. Earlier photography was considered to be a hobby while today it is not just an art form but also a popular career field. While

25 Endless Jumping Games For Ipad2

Ipad is one of the most popular mobile gadgets in today’s world and iPad 2 is the second version of iPad with added features and benefits. Apple is best known for its smooth applications and swift usage and iPad 2 is no exception. This gadget has become very popular among technology-driven youths. Host of applications