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30+ Android Apps And Games That You are Missing

Man in our society has always been judged by his possessions. Before the age of smart phones, man’s wealth was judged by the cattle he owned but now it is definitely what phone he is carrying around. Needless to say, phones have come a long way from being a means of communication to an ultimate

50 Best Must Have HD Games for Android and IOS

With android and iOS phones becoming popular all across the globe, the number of game applications for both the platforms have skyrocketed. Plus most of these games are free to download and keep you entertained in your free time. If you love to play HD games, here are 50 best must have games for your

50 Coolest Laptop stands money can buy

A laptop stand makes it easier for you to work on the laptop. Some stands can be adjusted as per your height and many of them can be used both while sitting and standing. The legs of the stand are adjustable and can be folded to be carried around. It makes it easier for you

50 Highly Addictive Android and IOS gaming in 2015

We all have had enough of space combats on PC games. now it is time to bring them to your phones. Download Rogue Star to battle ferocious space pirates, be a pirate and loot cargo and trade wares. For another battle game, download Twilight Struggle. It is an addictive Cold War card battler which works

30 Free Android Video Editors To make Your Videos More Professional

Right editing is necessary to enhance the quality of your video,. Done professionally, it can given a new meaning and definition to the video. Moreover, you can download video editors for free to make your android videos appear professional. The foremost editor which with you can start this task is AndroVid Video Editor. This allows